Dear me — it’s time to say goodbye (my last post)

It’s time to say goodbye to all these things that do not serve any purpose anymore, including the people whom you have loved and cherished.


亲爱的你——我对你奉献最无私的爱 / Dear me – Unconditional Love For You

当我们静静地关注自己的呼吸时,就是我对你奉献最无私的爱的时刻。 And as we sit quietly observing our breaths, it is the time that I give the most unconditional love to you.

如果下一刻不再来 / If the next moment doesn’t come

此刻想起,如果下一刻不再来,我们竟然会有如此多的懊悔 There will be so many regrets that we have inf the next moment doesn't come.

Chasing the nothern light – what are we really chasing in life?

I may have found what I really want but one thing for sure that I have found is courage. Then I realised that I am stronger than I thought I am.