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Counting down and looking ahead……

Counting down......

Counting down……

Finally, it has come to the time when I will have to look ahead.

As the clock ticks and the year comes to an end, I can’t help but to think of what’s ahead of me and how I can make it a better year. It’s time for a new year resolutions!

I have had a great year in 2015, and somehow, I just look forward to another great year in 2016.

Yes, I know, most of us have talked about new year resolutions, but are they really resolutions or some dreams that we hope that will just happen overnight without doing anything?

And yes, I know, some people (I was one of them) may say that their new resolutions is to become stronger, be a better person, to work harder, to become a millionaire, to make dreams come true etc etc…

But what is the plan? The plan to achieve our resolutions? Are we even clear of what do we really want in life? Or at least, for the coming year?

I googled for the meaning of resolution and the definition from Cambridge dictionary is “a promise to yourself to do or not to do something”.

In life, we have made many empty promises to either ourselves or people around us, and sometimes even to strangers. We have never truly seriously looked within ourselves and ask what do we really want.

On the other hand, for many years till this year, I have lived my life without making any resolution, hoping that things will be better in the coming year. A lot of time was wasted on things that I couldn’t even recall.

It was a great 2015 where I have seen myself taking my resolutions more seriously and the happiness/satisfaction I have gained from some of the achievements are far beyond any word of description.

For the past weeks, I’ve been looking back at 2015 and thinking hard of what will be my resolutions for 2016? Having achieved some of what I wanted to achieve in 2015, I begin to realise that a resolution is nothing but just empty promises to myself unless I have a plan.

Healthier Lifestyle

As I looked at one of my failures in 2015, I decided that it should still be part of my resolutions for year 2016, except that I need a proper plan, and of course the determination to make it happen.

Instead of losing weight, I have gained 1.2 KG from 63 KG to 64.2 KG as of today. This is not a surprise to me, noting the fact that I have failed to do my “twice a week” brisk walking since May.

In 2016, my plan for leading a healthier lifestyle will still be brisk walking on a regular basis. Research has shown that one of advantages of morning exercise is fewer disruptions from daily routine. I am most of the time an early bird, but to make this happen, it means that I have to wake up an hour earlier daily for a half hour walk in the morning, when most people would still be in their dreamlands.

I have planned to brisk walk every morning on weekdays which I have to work, and take a break on weekends or holidays. Waking up at 5am in the morning means I will have to tuck into my bed by 10pm at night. While this may be challenging, it is definitely healthier to have an early night.

A goal is not a goal without any specific target and I shall stick to the aim of losing 5 KG in year 2016.

Monthly Photo Challenge

For the past few months, I have been asking myself, what exactly do I want to achieve in photography? And which genres do I really want to focus on? Is it the beauty of nature that I want to capture? Is the vibrancy of the cityscapes that I want to share? Or is it the “moment” of lifestyle that I wish to tell a story of? Is black and white really something that I love? Or should I just shoot anything that comes into my sight?

I have been a lost soul in the world of photography in 2015. I do not know what exactly I want to achieve. I’ve tried street photography, landscapes, night scenes, seascapes, animals, close ups and even portraits. I wasn’t here nor there and all the pictures I’ve taken are mostly not captivating.

All I know is that I’ve learn to enjoy the process of taking pictures and admiring them during post processing.

I have planned for myself a monthly photo challenge as part of my soul searching to find the right photography genres for myself. Deep in my heart, I know beauty of nature and cities is what I love, as well as capturing the special moments in street photography. And therefore, my monthly photo challenge will be focusing on these two genres.

As much as I can, I will plan for a photography day on every last Saturday of the month. I will explore the island and find places to practise my photography skills. I will try my best to attract the viewers’ eyes with captivating moments, so that they could share my joy as if they are there with me.

I want to have a minimum of 12 sets of photo shoots by the end of year 2016 and be able to tell myself that i have found what I want in photography.

“ME” Time

As far as I can, I will want to plan for my very own “ME” time on every Friday, be it roaming the streets alone, a date with a long lost friend, or most importantly just chilling out at my relaxing corner. This will allow my mind to really relax and let my thoughts fly and pen them down as part of my love for writing.

With this blog now already set up, I hope to post more regularly, at least once a week, with things that I have seen, experienced or just plain soul searching. I will write in both Chinese and English, whichever I am comfortable with, and I believe practice makes perfect and sooner or later, I will improve in both my Chinese and English writing.

This blog will then be sort of a diary for me, so that I can “re-live” these moments when I grow old.


In terms of travel, other than my usual travelling with my family, I hope that I can plan for my own trip to China. China has always been the one place I want to go, at least once in my lifetime. Being a Chinese (though I’m a true Singaporean), I would love to step my foot on the land where our ancestors come from.

But that is just a wish that I have no plan at this very moment. It is a wish that I hope will come true sooner than I hope for.

Francis Lim



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