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Singapore Sports Hub & its surrounding

It was not purposeful intention that I ended up taking some pictures in Singapore Sports Hub. I needed to bring Charlene for her dancing class and decided to bring along my gear for photo shoots while waiting for her.

When I reached the Sports Hub, the sun was right above my head but I was caught by surprise with the beauty around her and took some pictures in the short time frame and I told myself, this place will be one of my photo challenge in this year.

For now, it’s just a preview….


20160123-_DSC0044 20160123-_DSC0046 20160123-_DSC0051 20160123-_DSC0052 20160123-_DSC0053 20160123-_DSC0056 20160123-_DSC0062 20160123-_DSC0065-Edit 20160123-_DSC0070 20160123-_DSC0072-Edit 20160123-_DSC0076-Edit 20160123-_DSC0078-Edit 20160123-_DSC0079-Edit 20160123-_DSC0086 20160123-_DSC0087


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