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I love you, Mom!

Mom sun bathing but the light is too bright....

I love you, Mom!

Dearest mom,

It’s Mother’s Day again. But when I saw your petite body and your white hair, I felt lost and didn’t know what to do to repay the kindness and love that you have showered me with all these years.

It’s been 46 years that you and I have walked together in this world – half of yours and half of my life. For as long as I can remember, you have always loved me silently and unconditionally without any complain. You have watched me growing up, feeling happy, falling down and feeling pain and also witnessed me attending life’s hardest lessons, without intruding into my life, except a couple of times when I really needed you to be there for me.

Mom, I am grateful that I can stay under the same roof as you do today, even though we don’t talk much, but at least I can be assured that you are safe and well daily. When we were small, you have sacrificed much to take care of us, and now it’s my turn to put in this little effort to love and care for you, even if you are always watching television programmes quietly, and sometimes talking to yourself (which truly hurts me). But the thought of being able to be by your side in your last few years, I feel blessed.

I have seen your tears before and most of them were triggered by my own life experiences which broke your heart. And every time when tears rolled down your cheeks due to happenings around me, I felt guilty and remorseful on top of the pain that I was going through.

Mom, please forgive me for bringing tears and heartache into your world.

I could remember how you have cooked noodles and eggs during one of my birthdays when I was feeling really down. Your kind gestures touched my emotional heart and made me cried.

Can you still remember I kissed your forehead when you were staying in the hospital some time back? It was the closest that I could ever get to you.

Mom, every time when you see me taking care of the household chores, managing and sunning my own clothes, ironing for Charlene and myself, have you ever felt proud that you have a son who knows how to take care of his family?

My dearest mom, you are a compassionate woman and has always treated people around you with kindness. This is the greatest lesson that you have taught me in this life. I know not how long you will be with us in this world, but I do know that I need to learn to let you go, as what Buddha has said, separation is given. There will be one day when you will leave us for a better place where we call heaven, but mom, please leave with peace, for I will know how to take care of myself and not let this challenging mortal world to put me down.

Mom, I know very well that all mother’s love are the greatest love of all, it is something that can be denied. I know that there are many women in this world who are going through challenging times and walking through rain and shine courageously, for their love for their children has made them so strong and brave to fight through all weathers, no matter how frustrated and unhappy they are with their life.

Hence, my dearest mom, please allow me to share this love for you with all those whom I love and are mothers themselves, and tell them: Happy Mother’s Day!

I”m sure you won’t mind, right?

Full of love



Francis Lim


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