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Words of blessings

By the window I stood
Staring into nothingness
The night has fallen into the land of peace
And as the blades on the ceiling turn furiously
Songs of solemn ring through my ears
But all I can hear
Are whispers of blessings
And the distant tinkling of the chimes

The cool breeze rushes in through the windows
Sending shivers down my spine
Yet it is not a cold day
The heart beats as usual
With slight aching in between
It sounds like: tomb tomb tomb
They are echoes
Echoes of misses

Hidden in the darkness above
The crescent is smiling softly
And it seems to be saying: I’ve always been here
Regardless I can be seen or not

Walking down the memory lane
I let my thoughts wander
And let the thoughts fly
Like a soul with wings
Soaring through the empty sky
To the faraway land where
Sunshine can be found

As the clock ticks
Time is running
It’s coming to 9th of May
Another beautiful day
When one was born to change this world

Seeking for warmth
I wait for daybreak anxiously
When the golden rays will
Pierce through the thick cloud
And shine upon me

Words of blessings
I keep within the heart
To the wind I say nightly
Send them to my dear friend
And bring her to the land of
So that she will not feel lonely
For the moon will always be there

And I plead with the wind:

Written for a dear friend…..
Francis Lim


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