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Faith – Conversation with the moon

A night without breeze.

Warm and humid.

It has been raining for a few day, and finally I could see the moon appearing faintly behind the thin layer of clouds.

As I stood at the stairway, I gazed upon the moon, hoping to see through its heart and feel its emotions.

I stood for some time before I had a heart to heart talk with the moon.

Me: You are out, finally.

Moon: I’ve always been here, just that you couldn’t see me, especially when you only looked up into the sky once in a while when you needed me. If you have me in your heart, then I have always been there.

Me: OK….. You are almost a full moon today. Why are you always changing your state?

Moon: I’ve always been rounded. But the orbit that I take will cause the sun to shine upon only some parts of me. This result in human eyes seeing only the bright side of me.

Me: Why don’t you just stay put and let human see the most beautiful moon?

Moon: And what is the definition of most beautiful? Some may love the crescent, some may love the full moon, while others may just love the moon as it is, whether full moon or crescent. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Moon continued: I am also sending a signal to mankind, that nothing is perfect in the world. The more beautiful a thing is, the more it is short lived. Mankind look at beauty from different perspective but no matter from which angle they look at me, it is still short lived.

Me: Do you know why there are so many people love you?

Moon: I guess it’s my love and sincerity.

Me: Love?

Moon: Yes. I’m full of love. With my love, I have never complained and always shine upon the earth, even though the light I reflect is relatively weak.

Me: Then why don’t you increase the brightness of the light?

Moon: To be exact, I am not the light source. I take on all the light and power from the sun and reflect some of them onto earth. When a person falls into darkness, they feel lost and weak. And the best help is to be gentle. If it is too bright, it may hurt his eyes and soul.

Me: But why do you choose to only appear at night?

Moon: A person will only lose his way when he falls into darkness. At this point in time, even a small streak of light will be able to guide him to the right path. I am not required if a person is under the bright sun with clear visibility.

Me: What is your definition of sincerity?

Moon: Sincerity is about giving and helping without expectations of any returns. When mankind pour their sorrows to me, I will just try to listen, I won’t talk, nor will I sigh. When mankind finally find their directions due to the moonlight that guides them, I don’t expect them to pray to me or thank me. As long as they are happy, I will be happy.

Me: You have been around for many centuries, does that equate to eternity?

Moon: There is no eternity in this world. Change is the only constant. I believe one day I’ll be gone and it may even be due to the doings of mankind.

Me: You have never changed your orbit, have you?

Moon: For as long as I can remember, I have never changed.

Me: How long have you been around?

Moon: I’m not sure and I don’t think it’s important. It’s more important to know what value do I bring to this world by my existence.

Me: Have you given up on yourself before?

Moon: If I give up on myself, how can I then shower my love upon mankind with sincerity? I will not be able to reflect the sun’s light and lead the path of the lost souls, and I can’t even caress their wounds in the hearts.

Me: Won’t you be tired?

Moon: Actually I do, especially when I see mankind going through sufferings and yet I can do nothing to help, I will be extremely upset. Hence, I will then hide myself behind the clouds and let my tears flow. But after the cry, I will be myself and continue to believe in my own faith.

Me: What is your faith?

Moon: It’s again love and sincerity. I caress the hearts of those lost souls through the light from the sun, with love. I am sincere to those who believe in me and make them feel that they are never lonely. Haven’t you heard the Chinese always send their blessings and misses and love to me, hoping that I can pass it on to their loved ones who are far far away from them? I think I have so far done well in these missions.

Me: You have given so much, but that doesn’t mean all humans will love you. How do you feel?

Moon: That’s the reality of this world. There is absolutely nothing or no one will be hated by all, and vice versa. My existence is to shine upon those who falls into darkness and comfort them. My love is for those people who are kind, my sincerity tells me not to expect any returns. I can’t help it if there is anyone in this world who doesn’t like me at all.

Me: Human always say that sunshine is our hope. In comparison with the sun, who do you think will be loved by mankind more?

Moon: We have our own strengths each. I help those people when they feel weak in their souls, and lead them to the path of looking for sunshine. Whereas the sun brightens up the whole world, brings happiness upon mankind. Why would a person who is under the sun need me?

Me: Are you not bringing yourself down?

Moon: Have I? The sun brings upon light and hope, while I shower mankind with comfort and love. We work hand in hand. I acknowledge that I do not possess the liveliness that the sun has, but the sun does not have the tenderness that I exude as well.

Me: So I have been wrong about you?

Moon: How this world looks like depends on you. If you put on coloured glasses, you will see different shades of me. I can be fiery burning red, I can be solemn blue and I can also be pure white with sincerity. More importantly is for you to believe in yourself, look at things with a clear heart and you will be surprised to see the truth.

Me: But I have always been treating others with sincerity, why is it that the outcome isn’t what I expected?

Moon: Perhaps you have started off with sincerity, expecting no returns. But are you able to maintain that sincerity? Has that changed your heart and you began to ask for same treatment in return?

I became speechless as I can’t find a reason to argue.

Silence has spoken the truth.

After a while, the Moon suddenly asked me: So what is your faith?

I paused for a while and then replied with firmness: Love and sincerity!

The moon smiled at me.


Francis Lim


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