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Everyday is a new journey

Have you ever hoped for something to happen the next day, just to realise that it turned out to be the other way? Or have you taken things for granted and live your days as usual, and one day you woke up to find that things have changed? So has your world?

Then you realized that despite walking through your life so much, there are many things that you have not learned or have forgotten.

Recently a dear friend told me in an email that she is managing and learning in her personal life daily and that’s what life is about. 

Somehow, I felt an inch of pain when I read that statement. Why would one need to learn and manage each and every day? Or is it a positive attitude towards life so that one can stay happy in the ups and downs of life?

Life is full of surprises (sometimes shocks) and I was sometimes caught off guard.

I have never expected this Europe trip would trigger so much of my thoughts, as I spent much time enjoying the cool (sometimes cold and freezing to me) weather in the evening outside the hotel lobby. I would let my thoughts run wild like a deer, and I would also think about my life.

As I sat outside Starhucks cafe in Amsterdam with a cup of Latte this afternoon, waiting for my wife and Charlene to finish their shopping, I watched people from all walks of life passed by in front of me.

They were all strangers to me and we were worlds apart but yet we happened to “cross path” with each other in this unfamiliar land.

That’s how amazing life can be!

Then I began to wonder what am I doing at the cafe, I have come so far from the east to this western world, a journey that I’ve never thought of, and yet I am killing my time, drinking coffee, smoking and observing people along the streets.

It has been a long journey, 14 hours of flight (which I dreaded) and then we travelled from Italy northward to The Netherlands.

The dictionary defines journey as travelling from one place to another, usually taking a long time.

To many, life is considered a journey, from the day we were born to the day we leave this world. Then it seems to me that life is a journey in circle, as we find ourselves on the bed again at the end of the road, just different bed, perhaps.

It is a journey because it’s like walking through the time machine, and there is no way we can turn back. It’s a one way ticket and while we can look back, we can never take a step backward. Whatever that has happened has happened and it did for some good reasons.

Buddha says: this is the result of cause and effect. What we have done in the past or present, is an act of planting the seeds for the outcome. This cause and effect is like a chain for mankind, affecting both before and after life.

To me, everyday is a new journey now. When I wake up every morning, I know not what is going to happen though it seem to have been properly planned.

It can be just a normal working day, it can be an usual weekend or it can be a long holiday that I am embarking on. But yet I have no clue how things will turn out on that day.

I will just have to hop on to the time machine and start moving with time, hoping that it is the route that I have planned for myself. I may pass by a beautiful scene as I receive a note from a dear friend, I may pass through a tunnel as I meet with unexpected events, or I may even be walking the same path as I have done for days and years.

For every step I take, it makes the previous step a history, a memory, for I can never turn back the clock.

Who knows what will become of me tomorrow? Who can foresee whatever I  plan for will come true? Who can ever tell that the next day will not be the day I will part with my loved ones forever?

Henceforth, every morning I will tell myself that the sun has risen, sunshine will be out there showering me with the warmth that I need in this cold world. I will do what I need to do to fulfill my responsibilities and I will say what I need to say to people whom I love.

I will observe and learn, I will ponder and think, I will reflect on the wrongs and strive for the rights. I will remember the past and will hope for the future.

My love for those around me remains the greatest motivation for me to move on in this journey. When I’m tired of the routine life, I try to work on things that are of interest to me. When I am faced with frustrations, I think of happy moments that I have been through.

I just have to learn how to react to the ever changing world. Today I bid farewell to Europe and when I go back to Singapore, a whole brand new journey awaits me.

Whatever that I have experienced yesterday and today will become memories that I may remember or forget tomorrow. I know my journey will end one day and when that day comes, will I have regrets left in this world?

I’m sure I do, at least for now……


Francis Lim


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  1. What a strong narration ! It touched my heart.The philosophical orientation reminds one of the limitations one has to be content in ones life.Positive thinking as it happens on day to day is the best way to lead the rest of the life.Well said my friend.You made my day.Thank you.Sure you are having great time in Europe


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