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Trampled (translated from my Chinese poem蹂躏)

As the wind blew

The dead leaves danced in the air

Unable to settle down

For they were riding the wind

And did not know where their love belong to

The rain is about to pour

It painted the clouds into shades of grey

From a tiny tear drop that shimmered

It turned into rainfall

And orchestrated a solemn rhythm


And then

Di da di da

Pa ta pa ta

The various musical notes

Filled the air

Like the illusory thoughts

Whizzing through the wind and rain

And stirred up

Distant vague memories and misses


The wet and dried leaves on the ground

Trampled by strangers who were rushing

To avoid getting wet

In silence the leaves moaned

And the moaning slipped into the heart

Of a lonely stranger

Who was watching in the rain

And the leaf beside the flower

Began to cry……

Francis Lim


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