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A tribute to a great father……

  It was a cloudy evening and it was drizzling.
  I stood at the train station after alighting from the bus, looking at the drizzles in a daze. Suddenly I had the urge to just walk into the rain.
 So I lighted a cigarette and slowly walked out, letting the rain drops fell onto my hair, my glasses and my backpack.
  I took a slow walk and allowed the cool rain to trigger my thoughts, as they danced in the rain.
  For a moment, I found peace in my heart, and a little bit of romantic feeling.
  It’s a romantic feeling filled with loneliness….

  Father’s day is just 2 days away, but there is nothing that I can feel proud about, for I am not fit to be a father.
  But the thought rang the bell of a story of a wise man whom I have read about:
  When he heard news about the plea from a single mom whose child had a 3rd degree burn, he volunteered to raise funds in the office and transferred the money to the woman’s account. The single mom was a total stranger to him;
  He helped his daughter to raise funds again single handedly when she was involved in a community project, and she was surprised at how fast he could seek help from so many people;
  He has been a vegetarian for almost half of his life;
  He would donate to the Blind Community yearly through the help of his daughter;
  When he got news about an organisation that needed donors to donate their bodies for study after death, he volunteered without second thoughts, so that he could do good deeds even after death. And under the witnesses of his children, he signed the agreement.
  The above were just summary of a man’s story written by a woman which I have read. His story touched my heart deeply and every time I thought of it, it would bring tears to my eyes. I respect him for his compassion and also the way he has brought up his children.
  He was just another normal man, but yet he has a heart of gold, treating this world with compassion. And in the eyes of his children, he was a great and wise father.
  When this great and wise man passed on in 2013, at the age of 65, devastation crashed upon the world of the woman, as she was not able to see him for the last time when he died. And I could imagine the pain she has to go through.
  When I read the stories, I could feel that the woman misses her father a lot and feels proud of him, especially the compassionate heart that her father held, which taught her to treat this world with love and compassion too.
  Under his influence, she has also signed up as an organ donor, and tries to involve in community and charity work. She will try to help others as much as she can,  without asking for anything in return, in remembrance of her dad.
  Hence, I have lots of respect for the woman and am very touched by how a man could lead by example and teach his children a lesson that no school can teach.
  And I believe that if he is still around, he will be comforted and glad that his daughter is now a capable and wise woman, and loving her children just like how he has loved her.
  Then I thougt about myself and thought about what kind of father have I been?
  I am in no way comparable to the wise man, as I do not have as much compassion as he did. I can’t even compare to my own dad.
  I do not know what programme my girl has in school;
  I do not know when is her test and exam in school;
  I am not very concern about her school work and whether she has completed them;
  I would occasionally check to see if she is happy in school, and as long as her reply is Yes, I will be contented.
  Many parents are concerned about their children’s education, believing that a good academic result will lead to a better life in the future, while I am often not so concerned about my girl’s results.
  Perhaps, I have certain faith in her, or perhaps I strongly believe that money and career cannot buy the happiness that we want.
  For I know, that life’s lessons cannot be taught in school.
  A good academic background does not equate to a good personality, that’s my belief, or at least, I have witnessed all the selfishness and office politics happening around people who are highly educated.
  Hence, I will rather focus more on personality, hoping that my girl will respect and love others, more than focusing on academic results.
  I hope she will grow up to be like the woman who wrote the story of her father, living life with compassion and love. She will then be the sunshine in the eyes of the others.
  I believe, being contented and compassionate, a person’s life will not be as tough and painful. At least he/she will find peace within the heart, just like the wise father…….
  Francis Lim

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