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By The Lake of Lucerne


The sentimental rain
Wet the souls of the passers by
By the lake of Lucerne

Just a few souls in sight
Peace and calmness
Filled the air of the rippled lake
The wooden chairs were vacant
And amongst them they whispered
Words of distant

The swan and ducks roamed freely
On the lake of Lucerne
Ripples followed as they swam
Crossing each other’s path
But sparkled nothing

Away from the busy city
Away from mankind’s troubles
But who knows what they are thinking
For they may be envying mankind
The freedom to roam around the streets

I threw my sight onto the other bank
The neon lights, red, yellow and orange
Luring men and women
But I know
Behind all the happenings
And after all the drinking
What’s left behind
Are all but illusory

The night crawled
As the sun refused to set
The moon has had a rain check on me
She was nowhere to be found in the lake
The lonely traveller
Carelessly let his sentiments fall into the lake
Stirring circles of ripples
Blurring the mirrored city
Of the other bank….

Written by Francis Lim
In Lucerne


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