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Exploring Singapore – Singapore Chinese Garden

25 June 2016, Saturday, it was my monthly photography challenge in my own homeland. And this time, I visited Singapore Chinese Garden and took some pictures with some long exposure shots in the evening.

20160625-_DSC0001 20160625-_DSC0005 20160625-_DSC0008 20160625-_DSC0011 20160625-_DSC0018 20160625-_DSC0012 20160625-_DSC0020 20160625-_DSC0025 20160625-_DSC0026 20160625-_DSC0030 20160625-_DSC0034 20160625-_DSC0038 20160625-_DSC0041-Edit 20160625-_DSC0045-Edit 20160625-_DSC0046 20160625-_DSC0048 20160625-_DSC0060 20160625-_DSC0063 20160625-_DSC0065 20160625-_DSC0066-Edit 20160625-_DSC0072 20160625-_DSC0080 20160625-_DSC0076 20160625-_DSC0081 20160625-_DSC0083 20160625-_DSC0086 20160625-_DSC0093 20160625-_DSC0097 20160625-_DSC0108 20160625-_DSC0111 20160625-_DSC0117 20160625-_DSC0128 20160625-_DSC0132 20160625-_DSC0157 20160625-_DSC0159 20160625-_DSC0162 20160625-_DSC0176 20160625-_DSC0181 20160625-_DSC0191 20160625-_DSC0191-2 20160625-_DSC0183 20160625-_DSC0193 20160625-_DSC0199 20160625-_DSC0210 20160625-_DSC0213 20160625-_DSC0215


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