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A New Beginning — My dreams… My life…


Click Play (if it does not auto play) to listen to me reading this essay and the song at the end of the audio.

It was past midnight.

As I stood by the windows and observed the peacefulness lingering in the air, my heart was filled with sentiments of all my dreams and my life.

The city has fallen into deep sleep, and everything seem to have come to a stop, except the second hand, which continue to tick as the night fell deeper and deeper into silence.

The streets were cleared, the roads were silent, the wind whispered and the trees danced. The moon was nowhere to be found, but I knew it was hidden somewhere out there.

Memories flocked to me and I was instantly overwhelmed with all that has happened in my life. I flipped through my collection of memories, and saw how I have become what I am today. There were laughters, tears, angers, disappointments, and all these added up to what I call my life.

Looking back, I thought I have done my best to live life to the fullest, but what is the definition of fullest? Each one of us has a different way to interpret and live life, and for me, it’s just none other than being able to love those that I want to love, and most importantly, love myself.

Loving myself is to do things that I love and find a purpose in life. I may not have found the true purpose, but I’ll not give up.

Soon, I will be embarking on a new journey that I’ve always wished for, travelling to a country that belongs to my ancestors – China!

Since the time when I was in my twenties, I’ve always wanted to visit this big country with full of beautiful sceneries. However, it was unfortunate that when it comes to holidays, China is always not the obvious choice for people around me, as they feel that it’s a dirty and outdated place.

But for me, it’s a place where I can really feel the beauty of nature and get close to the language that I love so much.

It’s an unknown journey for me, as I will be travelling alone to a foreign land. I am excited and yet fearful of the unknown. It is contradicting, I know. But this trip will really mark another mile stone in my life.

I have a few dreams, and they have been realised throughout the past 2 years. My essays were published in a free newsletter publication, I have brought my parents to Taiwan which allowed them to spend time with the whole family including the grandchildren for a few days.

Now I have a new dream, a dream to combine my thoughts and pictures into one, and then I will record them into audio files and post them on my blog.

I have started experimenting it and will continue to pursue this dream when I come back from China.

I may not be able to write that often as I have limited capabilities, but I will try to record what I have read and share with other readers.

I will let my blog be the place where I will let my thoughts fly. It will be a station where readers can let their thoughts fly together with me, as we indulge ourselves in the background music and the song that I have selected to share.

This is just the beginning, a new chapter of my life. In life, an ending is always the start of a new beginning and I hope that my China trip will end with a new beginning of my life,

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My name is Francis and I come from Singapore. Let our thoughts fly together as we face the challenges of our daily routines.

Yesterday, I heard this song in Sing! China and fell in love with it. The song title is “Goodbye my lover” and I want to share it with you. Enjoy the song and good night!


Background music: Beloved by Yiruma

Song: Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt


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