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There’s no re-play in our life


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We only live once. Just once. And we have always wished that we will have as few regrets as possible in life with full of blessings.

However, life has been proven to be laid with more obstacles than smooth paths and we find ourselves stumbling on these obstacles very often. But if we can calm down and think about it, it is really no big deal after all. Whatever troubles or worries that we are facing right now, whether is it grievances or disputes, at the end of the day, we humans will all become ashes, vanishing from this mortal world.

Our lives begin with the joy of our loved ones when we were born, and will end in the tears of theirs too. Life and death is something beyond our control but the sad thing is that many of us came to realise that health is the greatest wealth only when we aged.

A simple life is all we need to be happy. Being contented and not be bothered by losses and gains is the key to happiness. As long as we have tried to love what we love and fight for what we wish for, we will hold no regrets in our life.

What’s important is that we do not let greed and lust control our destiny. Everything exists for a reason and there’s really no point in asking “why” when things that you wish for cannot be obtained or achieved. There will not be happiness if you force your way through to get the things that do not belong to you.

There’s really nothing or nobody in this world that is indispensable. No matter who leaves this world, the earth will continue to revolve. One day, you will come to realise that people whom you think you can’t live without, are after all not as important as you think so.

All the heartaches, all the pains that we go through, are just part of our journey, a journey that makes us a stronger and better person. They help us to grow wiser and wiser each day. Then you will realise, letting go is an art of leaving gracefully.

We have only one life and we only live once. It’s a life where we cannot amend what we have done wrong in the past; it’s a life where a broken heart can never heal; it’s a life where there will not be another today; it’s a life where we can’t even look back at every second or minute when they are already gone; Then, why are we not cherishing every moment that lays in front of us right now? Why do we want to look back and feel regretful?

Life is something so unpredictable, be it happiness, sadness, success or failures. It’s inevitable that these are what all of us will go through someway or another in our lives, so don’t be too bothered about it. If your life has been smooth sailing, celebrate while you can, but if your life has been going through ups and downs, don’t give up and tell yourself, at least, you have come to this beautiful world. Isn’t that so?

We only live once, and there’s no next life. Hence, we need to learn to welcome all aspects of life with a smile. Happiness is the most important. Lead a healthy life and do what you love to do with a healthy spirit, learn to love yourself and it will be the greatest wealth you can ever give to yourself.


Now let me end this blog with a Chinese Buddhist song. You may not understand what the singer is singing but the song is definitely very soothing to one’s ears.

Have a great day ahead! My name is Francis, and I come from Singapore, the tiny green island.

*** This prose is a translation from a Chinese prose that I find very meaningful. It’s not my original writing.


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