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Greatest Love of All……


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Hi! Welcome back to Let The Thougts Fly station. In here, you can listen to how I think, live and feel in this mortal world and I hope it will trigger some thoughts in you as you walk the journey with me.

Fate has brought us together somehow or another, and I wish that this blog will be a place which will warm your heart either through my writings, my voice or even the pictures.

I just came back from China last Friday and had a heavy heart on Sunday night.

I was feeling lethargic after doing my house chores and decided to laze in the couch to catch some Chinese movies. There was no action, no explosive, no hero and no excitement in the movies. But they deeply touched my heart and brought tears rolling down my cheek.

The first movie is about a young China girl named Mei Feng. She has left her rural hometown to another city Dongguan in search of her father who was supposedly to be dead before she was born. To cut the story short, Meifeng found her father who has become a successful businessman and hated him for lying to her mom that he was dead.

Although the movie was about Meifeng in China Dongguan, but her parents’ love story seem to have taken over the limelight from her. I was especially touched by the love held between her parents.

As the story unfolded, it appeared that Meifeng’s Father was being forced by his own mother to leave his love, threatening to commit suicide if he defies her wish.

What really touched my heart was when Meifeng’s Father said this:”In life, there are things that are beyond our control, and we just have to live with it. The day when I agreed to my mother to leave my love was the day my long time agony started.”

I was touched because they were both deeply in love but circumstances didn’t allow them to be together. He couldn’t take the risk of endangering his mom’s life for the girl he loved so deeply. And Meifeng’s mom has never given up hope on him too.

The second movie’s title is “Lost and love” which talked about a man, Ray, roaming around in China for 15 years looking for his kidnapped Son.

He went around with photo of his son at the age of 3 years old and searched for him for years, He didn’t dare to go home, fearing that his failure to look for his Son will be too much for his Wife and Mother to handle.

Along the way, he met a young man who was kidnapped when he was small. This young man wanted to look for his parents and both of them travelled together in search of their loved ones.

I recalled last year when I watched another similar show with the title of “Dearest” on the plane when I went to Taiwan. It was a about a divorced couple whose kid was also kidnapped and they went around China looking for him. That movie left me a deep impression at that point in time as I thought of a dear friend in KL who has told me about child abduction in Malaysia.

Apparently, it was a reality in some part of this world where kids are kidnapped and sold as cheap labour or sold to couples who wish to have children but failed.

These 2 movies that I watched on Sunday have really touched my heart and triggered some thoughts in me about the most wonderful and yet painful thing in this world, that is, love.

Meifeng’s parents love for each other were truthful and pure but yet destiny turned against them.

And the love for his Son has given Ray the motivation to roam the streets for 15 long years to search for him. Only love can give one the will power to live life this way, painfully with someone dear in the heart.

I cannot imagine how heartbroken for one to lose his or her child, for it will definitely be a very torturous experience. If we have lost our kids to death, time may heal the wound, but if our kids are kidnapped and we do not know how they are doing or whether they are alive or dead, the torture would be too great for one to live on.

I can still remember my Friend in KL used to handle her two kids single handedly. She would bring them out for breakfast alone very often. And at times, I will worry for her and the kids for I know that KL is not a safe place to be in.

I know how much the kids meant to her. They are her offsprings, and she has gone through 9 to 10 months of sufferings before they arrived in this world. And I know she’d do anything just to make sure that they grow up well and strong.

I can totally understand how a woman would do anything just to protect her children from being hurt.

Part of the “Lost and love” movie is a woman who has lost her child and she spent days and months distributing flyers of her child’s picture, seeking help from the public. She was devastated and slumped into depression. The irony was she committed suicide just when the police found her child. It’s really a tragedy.

At the end of the movie, Ray met up with a monk and asked him for directions and advice. The monk told him this:










To summarise the above, what the monk said is: what we possess or lose are all fated. Do more good deeds and one shall be rewarded.

Destiny loves to play a fool on mankind. It has brought happiness to us but also put us through numerous tests.

What we have today is a gift from someone up above, no matter what religion we are in. It is fate that brings people together and it is also fate that breaks us apart. All we can do is to cherish every moment that we have now and love those we want to love. If circumstances don’t allow us to be together, then let it be, for there is always a reason why we can’t be together.

As I finished the second movie yesterday, I prayed in my heart for all those who have lost their children to find them back soon and also prayed to God to be kind to all people.

Parental love is something that cannot be denied in this world. It is the greatest love of all. No matter what we turn out to be, our parents will always be the one and only who will stand by us. It’s the same thing for us. I believe those who are parents now will agree with me, that their children will be their everything. We can give up anything in this world but we will not give our children up.

So no matter how a person behaves for the sake of their children, he or she shall be forgiven.

But before we can love others and our children, we need to learn to love ourselves first.

That’s all I have today and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Now let me end this blog with the famous song “greatest love of all” by Whitney Houston.

Have a great day ahead! My name is Francis, and I come from Singapore, the tiny green island.


Francis Lim


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