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Exploring Singapore – Lower Pierce Reservoir

08 Oct 2016.

It was my “delayed” photo challenge day. I am supposed to practise my photography on the last Saturday of each month but I was too tired last weekend that I postponed it to this week.

Anyway, I headed to one of Singapore’s nature reserve park and took some pictures before I ended up in Lower Pierce Reservoir where I made a video also. I am trying out this new thing so that I can make my blog more interesting with words, pictures, audio and eventually video.

20161008-_dsc0005 20161008-_dsc0006 20161008-_dsc0008 20161008-_dsc0010 20161008-_dsc0012 20161008-_dsc0013 20161008-_dsc0019 20161008-_dsc0025 20161008-_dsc0027 20161008-_dsc0029 20161008-_dsc0031 20161008-_dsc0033 20161008-_dsc0037 20161008-_dsc0038-2 20161008-_dsc0040-edit 20161008-_dsc0055 20161008-_dsc0056 20161008-_dsc0059 20161008-_dsc0062 20161008-_dsc0077 20161008-_dsc0079 20161008-_dsc0080 20161008-_dsc0082 20161008-_dsc0106 20161008-_dsc0108 20161008-_dsc0109 20161008-_dsc0114 20161008-_dsc0119-2 20161008-_dsc0130 20161008-_dsc0131 20161008-_dsc0144


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