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Breaking Through — Paint Our Life

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  It was Saturday afternoon and although it was raining, I decided to commit to my own promise of monthly photo challenge. So I headed towards Labrador Park in the south of Singapore.

With an umbrella in one of my hands, clumsily I walked the dimly lit Berlayer Creek’s boardwalk. As I enjoyed the rhythm of the rain mixing with the insects’ singing, I snapped pictures of the surrounding till I came to the coast.

It was still drizzling as the sea breeze caressed my body. Thousands of ripples appeared before my eyes as they bumped into each other. Standing on the lookout platform and gazed afar, the misty scene rushed into my eyes.

For a period of time, I enjoyed the view and became busy with my shooting.


On the same day, I started to edit the pictures and when I came to this photo, I was surprised to see faint streaks of light rushing down from the thickly clouded sky.

Perhaps it’s just my hallucination, I thought to myself. But when I began to adjust the white balance, the Colour tones, the white and the black, rays of the sun became more obvious. I then adjusted the warmth of white balance to make it look like it’s an evening hour.

That is how amazing the world can be. Very often, we are caught by surprises (sometimes shocked) from the turn of events in life. And every incident can be interpreted as a miracle or opportunity.

I’ve always thought that there is someone above controlling human’s destiny and all we can do is to accept whatever come may.

And then we will realise that there is something waiting for us there.

When I took this picture, I did not notice the amazing lights. It was just an ordinary snap out of the numerous shots, never to realise that I have captured a scene that looks like Buddha’s ray of hope is piercing through the gloomy sky.

In the photo editing process, I have also come to understand that a picture’s glamour depends very much on how the editor give it colours and life.

I have twice written on topics relating to life being uncontrollable. The thoughts still remains. However, I tend to think that while our destiny is not certain controllable, the way we live our life is just a matter of perspective.

Life is just like a plain piece of white paper, it’s for us to add colours to it. And as I think so, I begin to truly believe that everything in our life happens for a reason, be it joy or disaster. The turn of events are really meant to make us a better and stronger person.

The key to it is how we are going to cross over the obstacles.

And once we are able to manage the hurdles, we will be like the rays of light piercing through the dense clouds and shine upon the world….

Francis Lim


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