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自我反映(一)——新的开始 / Self-Reflection (1) – A New Beginning


Self-Reflection (1) – A New Beginning
Finally, 2016 is over.
If there is one thing I can say about 2016, that will be the word “lost”.
Henceforth, it was pretty natural for me to wish for 2016 to be over as soon as possible.
However, as I witnessed the fireworks and saw the footsteps of 2017 approaching, I was also feeling lost, as I could see that there are many things awaiting me to do and the road ahead seems to be very far and long.
One of the items I have put into my Project L.O.V.E is to write a diary daily but it has never happened so far. I was unable to put my thoughts into words, especially when I was busy with the other stuffs, mostly meditation.
I spent some time to think about what will be my next steps and came upon this idea of noting down self-reflections daily. It doesn’t need to be a lengthy essay, but just some pointers to look back at what I have done for the day, and reflect upon myself.
Thus, let me begin 2017 with this short paragraph on this very first day of the year before I sleep.
In order to achieve my Project L.O.V.E, I shall abide by the following principles so that I won’t slip along the way as I search for my own inner-self and inner-peace:
Mindfulness – I shall maintain mindfulness at all times as much as I can, so that I can live life at that very present moment.
Thankful – I shall feel thankful for whatever that I have now, for whatever that may happen and for whoever I may meet in my daily life, be it good or bad.
Compassion – Being thankful is not enough, I need to be able to develop forgiveness towards people or things which / whom I dislike now. This will help to develop a deeper sense of compassion within myself and make me a better person. And with that, I hope to contribute more to the society.
Francis Lim

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