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自我反映(十三)——幸福有时就是那么简单 / Self Reflection (13) -Happiness is so simple

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With a heart filled with gratitude, I walked into Ya Kun Kaya Toast. I had just helped my colleague bought half a kilogram of bakwa (barbecued meat that is popular during Chinese New Year period) and was thankful that I am able to help my friend.

As I sat down with the coffee set meal and looked at the coffee and the two half-boiled eggs (which would be my dinner for the night), I took out my camera and started capturing the “moment” under the surprised looks of the other patrons.

And I thought to myself, happiness is so simple, when the moment is right.

It has been raining for 2 days and 2 nights and it has made my heart and mind feeling cooler and softer;

The not so rowdy Ya Kun restaurant with my favourite coffee set, brought to me memories of a friend I have spent with in another Ya Kun stall.

And of course my recent determination in practising meditation and mindfulness has helped to calm my mind and allowed me to connect to my inner soul;

I may not have found my true self, but I have begun to accept the fact that I have neglected myself for the longest time and now is the time that I need to see within myself and love myself.

As I walked along the street towards home after the meal, I began to practise walking meditation.

I observed my breathing with every step I took, and allowed the surrounding sounds rushed into my ears.

I could hear the cars, buses and motorbikes whizzed past;

I could hear the rushing water when I passed by the drainage;

I could hear the train’s roar coming from afar and travelling to the other end;

And I could see the flashing green man as I crossed the road and heard the repeating “toot toot” alert from the traffic light, urging me to cross the road quickly.

When I was almost reaching my place, a smile climbed onto my face. It was a smile with peace and gratitude, feeling thankful that happiness is at times just so simple.

But I also knew that such moments are rare for me now, for I am still in the search for true happiness within myself, and I believe that when the time comes, such happiness will be everywhere waiting for me……


Francis Lim


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  1. What a beautiful post, Francis! I used to live in Singapore and the kind of stall you talk about brought back some very happy memories. And made my mouth water, thinking about that wonderful kaya toast. I could hear the sounds, feel the air and smell the typical scents of the Singapore street. And I loved how you describe so well the art of mindfulness and how it really helps one see the beauty in a simple thing like coffee and half boiled eggs…. Thank you!

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