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自我反映(十九)——越是执著,越是无法放下 / Self-Reflection (19) — The more we are attached, the more we can’t let go…

English Version Below……

Following the thoughts I have on Sunday and ponder, I came to realise that the lust for material stuffs and the desire to seek for our inner self has no difference, as long as we become obsessed with it.
The journey of practice in search of our inner self is to attain a longer term happiness so that we can be rid of pain and sufferings. The key to such enlightenment is to understand the importance of letting go and letting it be.
Humankind is trapped in the cage of sufferings because of our greed to want and possess. When things that we love fail to fall into our hands, our heart begin to fill with jealousy, heartache and unhappiness.
And the moment I attach myself to the desire to succeed in the practice, I have inevitably fallen into the same trap, and neglected the very fact of letting go and letting it be. All I think of is my desire to be happy. This desire has no difference from the lust for material stuffs.
On the other hand, if we look at our desire for material stuffs or love for someone from another perspective, as long as we are not too obsessed or attached to it, we can possibly enjoy the process of pursuing our wants, and yet allow ourselves to accept what come may.
I felt joy and peace when I was editing my photographs on Saturday since I was doing what I love to do. So what made me think that editing photographs is not part of the journey to seek for my inner soul?
Similarly, when we love a person, we have the desire to be with him/her. Even if we can’t, we shall give our blessings to him/her through our true love, and we will feel happy as long as he/she is happy.
Once we are able to detach ourselves from our desire, and let nature takes its course, pain and sufferings will leave us alone.
The more we are obsessed or attached to anything, anybody or any thoughts, the more painful it will be for us. When we hold our hands tight, refusing to let go, we will realise that what we are grabbing is truly the pain that we don’t wish for.
And in the process of suffering, we begin to neglect the beauty that surrounds us and what we have already had.
In the journey of practice, we shall not be tied down by the desire for the truth. We just need to believe that it’s a process that will bring us to where we want to go and enjoy the journey. With determination and belief, I believe that peace and happiness will be knocking on our doors sooner than we thought.
Francis Lim

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