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Self-Reflection (20) — Resisting all temptations

I deleted my Facebook and messenger app from my mobile phone.

I leave my phone in the room for charging once I reach home after work daily.

I refuse to go near my phone no matter how, unless absolutely necessary, such as using it for my meditation.

After all, I’m at home and my siblings know where to find me if there is indeed anything urgent.

Then I dive into the world of a book, be it self-improvement, or learning to be mindful or just some prose that may bring my mind away from the daily happenings at work.

This is what I’ve aspired to do for the next couple of months, until it becomes a habit.

About a month back, I decided to leave the China Social Network, WeChat, for a period of time, for the very fact that it is too distracting to my journey of practice.

So I logged out from WeChat and focus on reading and meditation. Then came Chinese New Year which disrupted me a little bit and before I realise it, I fell into another social network trap, Facebook.

For whatever reason, I received many many “friends” invitation from people whom I do not know at all in my new Facebook account. They come from different countries and different walks of life. And I began to receive weird messages that sounded very much like scams, some offering Sex services, some trying to get to know me better.

Recognising that glueing my eyes to the phone on social network posting is going to be a hazard rather than any help, hence I decided to get out of it.

All I want to do is to be present and mindful, and resist all temptations……


Francis Lim


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