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Feeling Grateful

As I was having a meeting with my customer in the afternoon, I saw from the corners of my eyes 2 messages that came into my phone which was lying on the table.

I took the opportunity when the discussion was not on IT and read the message which warmed my heart.
The messages said:
“Hi bro!”
“Msg u to tell u tat u r dear to me”
I had a mad rush the moment I stepped into the office this morning, trying to clear the huge pile of emails and getting ready for a last minute meeting with a customer.

The meeting lasted for a couple of hours and I had to lunch in after the meeting, since I had few more meetings to attend to in the afternoon.

It was indeed heart warming to receive such a message from a dear friend in the midst of a busy schedule.

I am thankful to the invisible force that brings her to me, for I can feel the friendly love she has for me. And she has taught me the courage to say love to my parents.
Things happen for a reason and people come into my life for a reason too. And I believe that she is heaven’s gift to me to teach me some lessons and tell me that I’m being loved!
Thank you Irynn! You are the best thing that has happened to me today!

Francis Lim


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