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无常 / Impermanence 

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This is the same route that I take everyday to work. And often, I would see strangers passed by me from behind with their hasty steps, and then disappearing from my side afar.
I have learned (and still learning) to slow down my pace, and enjoy the joy of walking. I have yet to attain the level of gratitude for each step that I take but just being grateful that I can go to wherever I want.
I have read this statement somewhere: when you grumble about no footwear, there are people who do not have legs.
With that thought in mind, I will always feel thankful whenever someone on a wheelchair passes me by.
To say that nothing has changed in the route that I take everyday is not true. To be exact, everything else has changed. The ground that I stepped on has changed. The leaves that were lying on the path were not the same leaves as yesterday’s. The bushes could have Nee flowers blossomed or more flowers decided to leave their fellow friends.
So much has changed, including how I feel in me, my thoughts, my emotions and the people who passed by me.
Impermanence is one of the basic teachings in Buddhism. It attempts to remind us not to be too attached to material stuff and recognise impermanence is the only constant in this world.

Francis Lim


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