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Be Thankful……



Fate between mankind and all other things is something that we can’t explain.

Life is a journey of coincidences. By chance, we bump into each other and walk into each other’s life, no matter how long the relationship will last.

But we may have met and get to know each other today, we may be strangers tomorrow too.

We know not what fate has in place for us, for two closely knitted persons may become strangers in the next moment.

I do not ask why anymore. All I seek is to be thankful for whatever that have happened regardless the outcome.

It’s just life, do not ask why.

No matter what the outcomes is, we just have to learn to be thankful for all that have happened.

For two persons to bump into each other is a beautiful thing, and the journey from strangers to acquaintances to friends/lovers and then back to strangers, is a journey of learnings, in our minds and souls.

If we are mindful of our surroundings, even strangers can teach us lessons of life as we overhear or see what they say or do.

Learn to be thankful.

Be thankful for all the people and all the things that have walked into our life. It is them who have taught us what life truly is.

Through the ups and downs of life, we learn the blessings of leading a normal and common life;

For all losses that we have been through, we learn to cherish what we have now;

Be thankful to all those who have walked into our life, for they have allowed us to become wiser, and appreciate what happiness, anguish, sorrows and joy are. We have learned the wonders of love and hatred.

Be thankful to those who say they miss or love us, regardless it’s from the bottom of their hearts or just a casual remarks. And henceforth, cherish those who love us.

And for those who have chosen to leave us and bring their love along, thank them from the bottom of our heart, for they have helped us to grow, to be stronger and learned that life is beyond simplicity.

We feel hurt because we have been attached. We feel cheated because we have allowed it to happen. And all these are a result of our own attachment to greed and lust.

I was reading another blogger’s post that day, where she described a very unhappy experience in the office and she grumbled abut her colleagues. As I read, I recalled how I have behaved as such before.

This society has become more and more selfish (even though there seems to be increasing emphasis on social responsibilities), but as we grumble about the selfishness of the others, have we reflected upon ourselves and how we have shown selfless behaviours? Will we not make the same mistakes like the others?

As the saying that goes, getting angry is punish ourselves through the act of others’ mistakes. And more importantly, the truth may not be what we see with our naked eyes, so have we really tried to understand the truth?

Be thankful to those who pass sarcastic remarks on us. They are like mirrors on the wall, for us to reflect upon ourselves. Be courageous and acknowledge the fact that we possess the same weaknesses and have also passed sarcastic remarks on others.

The difference may only be the level of sarcasm.

I choose to thank all the people, things and even events that come into my life, for I gradually realise that they are my “homework” in this life, they are my bodhisattva, they are sent to me to help me to grow.

Open up our hearts and be thankful, and probably that is one of the way to let go of our attachment in this world……


Francis Lim

(translated from my Chinese post)


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