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Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka Day 1

On 14 June 2017 evening, we picked up all our stuffs and left for the airport. It was 11plus at night when we reached Changi Airport and the first thing I did was to go to the arrival hall where the booth of Changi Recommends is and collected my portable router there.

Personally I feel that this is really a good service provided as it allows tourists like us to have unlimited internet access in Japan at just S$5 a day! This is so much cheaper as compared to data roaming of S$19 per day from SingTel!

The plane took off at 10125hrs and to me, it wasn’t a pleasant flight as I found myself struggling to sleep.

When we touched down, it was near to 0900 (Japan is 1 hour earlier than Singapore) on 15 June 2017 and once we passed through immigration , we headed out of the airport building where the bus park is.

We bought 3 bus tickets from the vending machine (no. 5 if I remember correctly). Each adult ticket costs 1550 yen and the journey was approximately 50 minutes from the airport to Herbis Osaka, which is very near to Osaka train station and within walking distance to our hotel, Hotel Monterey Osaka.

We were lucky that there was room for check in despite we were quite early. The hotel front desk staff helped us with the administration and by 11am, we were settled down in the hotel room and ready for a relaxed tour around the place.

I have taken a footage of the hotel room and the surrounding for readers who may be interested in visiting Osaka in the near future.

As mentioned, our hotel is located near the Osaka station, one of the few major city area where shoppers love to visit. However, these shopping area didn’t really excite my wife and daughter as they were looking more towards street shopping where things are more economical.

We ended the day with dinner and then headed back to hotel as we were all dead tired due to the lack of sleep.


Francis Lim


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