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Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka Day 2

YouTube videos available below…

Just like any other free and easy trips, there wasn’t any rush for us in the morning. We woke up for breakfast, took our time to do our usual business before heading towards our first stop.

The first place that I have planned was the Osaka Castle, a place that should not be missed when visiting Osaka (as mentioned in the internet).

We boarded the Osaka Loop train from Osaka station and alighted at Osakajokoen station, which is about 4 stops and the train ride cost 160 yen each.

From Osakajokoen station, we began to walk towards Osaka Castle, which proved to be quite a distance from the station. We took about 15 – 20 minutes to reach the foot of the seemingly little knoll and began ascending to the top.

To a certain extent, I enjoyed the slow walk up as I appreciated the calm and serene place, though there were other visitors.

At the top of the hill, the castle sits still in the open air, tall and strong. Crowd began to swamp in as the sun rose higher.

I took a couple of pictures of the castle before we headed to the ticket booth to purchase entrance to the castle itself. Each ticket cost 600 yen for an adult and soon, we were queueing up for the elevator which would bring us up to level 5.

The castle is 8 storeys tall, where one can have a bird eyes view of the surrounding from the 8th floor.

After enjoying the scenic views of the surrounding, we started downwards and as we are not truly interested in historical stories, the excitement wasn’t there.

From level 7 to level 2, it was about stories of how Japan was united and how the castle was built. I didn’t really pay attention to the details as I am not one who is really interested in history.

Here’s a footage of our journey to Osaka Castle:

We took a couple of pictures after descending from the castle and then headed towards our next destination, Tenjinbashi Suji shopping street, a place where the ladies would be delighted.

We boarded the train at Osakajokoen train station and alighted at Temma station. There wasn’t a need to transfer to any other line, still on the Osaka Loop line.

At Temma station, we decided to have a quick lunch at McDonald’s as we were all hungry.

Tenjinbashi Suji is a long sheltered shopping street where you can find varieties of shops along the street. It is supposed to be the longest shopping street in Japan or Osaka.

After I “dropped” them at Tenjinbashi Suji shopping street, I proceeded to my own destination – Tenmangu Shrine.

Tenmangu Shrine sits right at one end of the Tenjinbashi Suji street, and it took me about 15 minutes to walk without stopping to window shop.

Frankly speaking, I was disappointed at the small size of the Shrine which one could complete the entire area in just 15 minutes as there wasn’t much to see.

However, I took a slightly longer time since I was walking around shooting a video of that place.

After the Shrine, I went back to Tenjinbashi Suji and met up with my family before I headed back to hotel while they continued to shop.


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