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Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka Day 3

Today, I had a very simple plan, that is, bringing the ladies along with me to Shitennoji Shrine before heading towards a covered street known as Shinsaibashi Suji shopping street, after which I will move on my own to Sumiyaso Taisha temple.

We moved out around 9 plus in the morning taking the Osaka Loop to Tennoji station. From there, we walked for about 10 minutes before reaching the temple.

Shitennoji temple is a much bigger temple as compared to the Tenmangu Shrine and we spend slightly longer time there. I could have spent more time there if not for the ladies, as I was concerned about their boredom for this is not something that they love to do.

I took a video (sometimes with the help of Elaine and Charlene) and pictures to capture the quiet atmosphere there.

What I noticed was that while there were other visitors, the place wasn’t really crowded or rowdy, considering it the fact that it is supposed to be one of the tourists attractions.

After visiting Shitennoji temple, we headed to Shinsaibashi station and had lunch in the underground street.

At first, the ladies were quite excited the underground shopping street as they thought it would be the same as the one in Taipei, but to their dismay, the underground shopping street isn’t really very long.

Nevertheless, our objective was not the underground shopping street but Shinsaibashi Suji. By the time we finished lunch, it was close to 2 pm. I did a quick search on the map and brought them out onto the main street and walked a couple of hundreds of metres and we were at the entrance of the street.

Again, I took a video of the area to share with whoever who may wish to know how Shinsaibashi Suji looks like. According to plan, I was supposed to head out to Sumiyoshi Taisha temple on my own, but looking at the time and knowing that Japan’s shrines close pretty early, I decided to call off the idea (I am glad I did that because Sumiyoshi Taisha temple was pretty far and difficult to find. I will share more in the next post).

I strolled with the ladies along Shinsaibashi Suji and observed the busy shoppers excited over the varieties of shops and stuffs.

It was about 4 plus when my hands became full (full with their shopping stuffs!) and decided to head back to hotel room for a rest while they continued shopping.

As the nearest station was quite a distant from where we were (Shinsaibashi Suji is quite a long shopping street), Charlene suggested to me to walk back to the hotel as the map has indicated only 40 minutes of walking.

I accepted the proposal and with all the stuffs, I started following the map (without data as I have passed the router to Elaine).

The walk wasn’t really pleasant, as I have had many stuffs with me, my action camera, my DSLR, the backpack and their shopping stuffs. My mobile phone battery was running Low and I had no internet. I was just glad that once I plotted my route back to hotel, it would just depend on GPS.

I walked through streets that were quiet, crossed small lanes and big roads, till I came to a huge bridge that spans across a river. While there wasn’t anything spectacular, I was still glad that I have chanced upon this scene.

I stopped and put down everything and started firing my shutter away. There weren’t much things to capture but I managed to get a few good shots.

I spent the rest of the time in the hotel resting and editing my videos.

There may be some people who will be laughing at me, for spending so much to stay in a hotel editing videos. But to me, a holiday is a holiday, it’s meant to let me rest and relax and do what I like. Yes, I can do this in Singapore and at home, not in a hotel in Osaka.

However, it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is my family get a chance to travel and shop, while I get a chance to experience a different lifestyle and culture and yet do what I like to do at my own pace.


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