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Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka Day 4

Day 4, 18 June 2017, it was Father’s Day. And I had all the time to myself.

It wasn’t planned but just happened that way.

It was supposed to be a “reserved” day for the ladies to do some shopping in the areas they didn’t not complete. It is something I have learned through my experiences. Many a time, there will be a place or two where the ladies like very much, and wish they have had more time in that place.

So I planned for this reserved day for them to go back to anyway they wanted while I proceed to my own destinations.

We set off around 10 plus in the morning, not wanting to rush. We split at the train station and I took the JR train to Shin-Imamiya station. Based on direction given by Google map, I was supposed to changed to Nankai line and head towards Sumiyoshitaisha station.

What wasn’t expected was that I spent a good half an hour searching for the Nankai line, reason being the station for the Nankai line is not located in the same location though the station name is the same! I got out of the gantry, out of the station trying to look for the entrance to take the Nankai line.

I followed the signboards which proved to be not helpful at all and went around the station but still wasn’t able to find the right way. In the end, I resorted to asking a stall owner along the street. That was when I realised that the station for the Nankai line sits a few hundreds of metre away!

Sumiyoshi Taisha temple is quite huge place, which stone sculptures, bridges and gardens. I did one round of video shooting before I started snapping off from my Nikon D5300.

On the other side of Sumiyoshitaisha station, there is a Sumiyoshi Garden, which I had a short walk after my visit at Sumiyoshi Taisha temple. It is just another garden which I believe is meant for the locals to spend their family time here. I could see groups of people having picnic, and children playing in the playground. There are flower beds all around the place which beatify the garden.

In the afternoon, I went to a place called Namba Parks, which is one of the featured attractions. However, it is none other than a garden outside every level of the 8 levels shopping mall at Namba station.

This time, I took the Nankai line all the way to Namba station which is the last stop.

I have taken a short footage of Namba Parks and some nice flower pictures just to keep for memories, but honestly, it’s not a place for me.


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