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静坐 / Sitting still










Crossing my legs with upper body bare as usual, I sat still like a sculpture under the dim lightings. My body was stiffen from the ever rushing lifestyle of the modern society.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the strong wind from the furious wall mounted fan. Then I began to tell myself to relax… relax…

I pictured myself sitting on a cliff with strong wind engulfing me. The air was refreshing and gradually my heartbeat slowed down. At times, I also felt like I’ve walked into the woods and I could see butterflies dancing or birds singing, I felt peaceful.

In reality, soothing music streamed into my ears, with my neighbour’s dog barking occasionally that broke my gradually peaceful thoughts.

I attempted to focus and chanted verses from the heart sutra: when we have no attachment, we have no fear, and we separate ourselves from all the dreams and attain nirvana…

Soon, all the noise from the mortal world were nowhere to be heard, except words of blessings and prayers lingering in my mind. 

I spent 50 minutes sitting still. It wasn’t long nor short, and as I opened my eyes again, I felt thankful that I was able to find some inner peace within myself during that period of time.


Francis Lim 


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