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Japan Trip 2017 – Osaka trip day 5

It was supposed to be a day of no shopping for the ladies, as I have planned for a whole day at  Nara Park, Todaiji Shrine and another Shrine far away from Nara Park.
We set off early on this day since it would take us 50 minutes train ride to Nara station. Each train ticket cost us 850 yen from Osaka station.
According to plan, we were supposed to walk for 20 minutes from Nara station before we can reach Nara Park but we realised that there are shuttle buses to and from Nara Park, and so we hopped onto a bus which cost about 200 yen per person.
In Nara Park, we got to see deers roaming freely and all the visitors were excited about it. It was really a new experience for us as well, since we’ve never been so closed to such cute and beautiful animals.
I was busy snapping pictures of the deers while Charlene or Elaine held on to the video camera, making the deers the stars of the day.
Todaiji Shrine sits in Nara Park and so it naturally became part of our tour in Nara Park. Having seen a few Shrines for the past few days, Todaiji Shrine looks to me no difference from the others, except that it has a huge Buddha, which gives me the feeling of a Chinese Buddhist temple.

The weather was hot and so after we spent about half a day in Nara Park (including the travelling), I decided to call off the visit to the other Shrine, as the timing was neither here nor there.
So we headed back to Osaka (another 50 minutes ride) and they dropped off at Namba station, while I returned to the hotel room for a short rest.

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