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Warmth across the ocean


I haven’t been on WeChat for quite sometime and I did not know how my WeChat friends are doing. After all, many of them are just passers-by in each other’s life.

2 weeks back, for whatever reasons I did not know, I felt the urge to drop a “Hello” note to a couple of closer friends in the internet and as I opened the mobile app and looked at the profile pictures, I felt lost.

“Hi, how are you?”;

“Dear, how have you been?”;

The above messages seemed to be too simple and lack of sincerety, I thought. So I decided to put in more words (that may be not necessary) before I asked how they are. And after I have left my “hello” messages, I took it easy, with no expectation of any instant reply or any reply at all. I continued with my daily wonderful routines such as work, table tennis, video editing etc etc.

The replies came a couple of days later and what surprised me most was the reply from Jing.

Jing is an internet Chinese “broadcaster”,in China, one who recites poems and reads essays and posts them online. I got to know her when I was looking for someone to read my essays and post online last year and she was one of them.

Even though we seldom chat, she was one of the closer one whom I just love her voice and the way she reads the essays. And so I left her this note:

“Jing, how’s your health coming along? Hopefully you are getting stronger and do remember to take care of yourself. I have not been on WeChat for a while and I do not know how you are doing or whether have you been posting new audio online. I will find some time to visit your site and listen to your voice and think of you.”

I know that Jing has always been pretty weak, especially the heart, and hence my message naturally was related to that area.

A day later, her reply came:

I’ve been working out daily, and my health is getting better. Thanks brother (she calls me brother) for your concern. I was just thinking about you a few days back, since I did not see you post anything online. Brother, I wish you happiness and similarly, I miss you.”

Frankly speaking, I was touched by her words and my heart was filled with warmth. A distant friend who has not met me before would left me such a message, and telling me that she misses me has truly made me feel blessed.

A couple of days later, she sent me her new audio recording, and her voice is as usual, so beautiful.

On the day when Jing replied to me, I wrote a short mail to another friend whom I got to know through WordPress correspondences. We got to know each other through our blogs, where we touched on mindfulness and meditation. She has even given me a book on “mindfulness and meditation” via email before and I am grateful towards her.

“Hi Yingzi, I’m here again saying hello to you. I guess you must have been super busy with the little one who has just arrived into your world. Are you still meditating? Remember, no matter how busy you are, do take some time out for your own inner soul. This will give you the energy and strength to take care of the little one. Hereby, I wish you happiness.”

To my knowledge (if I am not wrong), Yingzi is from China but is now staying in Europe and she has just given birth to her first baby a few months back. And since then, she has kind of stopped blogging.

Her reply came on the same day, which surprised me as well. And she wrote:

“Hi Francis, thanks for your mail. You may not believe it, but I was just thinking of you a few days back and wanted to write to you. But due to my busyness, I wasn’t able to. Your mail is like a ray of sunlight shining on me. Thank you so much!”

My mail to her was very short, but her reply to me was longer than what is shown above. And she told me about what she has been doing.

I was indeed glad and comforted to know that there are people out there thinking of me, and these news came on the same day. I could feel the warmth across the ocean, from lands that I have not visited and from people whom I’ve never met.

That day, I received a message from Feng Er in WeChat asking me where have I been. I guessed she must have noticed my silence on WeChat and decided to say hello. Her message made me feel blessed, for I know that she misses me too.

Recently, I have made a few more friends in WordPress and they are: 山中小涧阿智(寻「隐者」不遇)lailing (花言花语)的博客漫游者(牧羊女的风铃诗坊)夏雨乐(梦想家)chils27(Just My Simple Life). We have been leaving comments in each other’s posts in WordPress and as I make more friends through blogging, I feel blessed, especially when they take the time to leave me a comment or two.

Hereby, I would like to list down their blogs as a remembrance. I believe I will still be able to feel the warmth that was sent across the ocean when I read this post in the future. They have warmed my heart….



lailing (花言花语)



chils27(Just My Simple Life)

English version completed on 15.08.2017

Francis Lim


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