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I care, hence I care…

It has been a tiring day, very tiring. But it was also a fruitful day, a day when all things came to light.

It was said that curiosity kills the cat and who dares to rebut such wise words that has been passed down for generations?

Sometimes, it’s better not to know the truth, for the truth is nothing but a sharp knife, cutting through the already sealed wound, slashing the heart, with blood dripping slowly and painfully.

It’s not one heart, but two, both dripping with blood of guilt, disappointments and ironically, relief.

I spent my day thinking and meditating, reconciling myself with reality and dreams, reconciling past and present, just to realise that I’ve forgotten about the power of now.

Sincerity, honesty, faithfulness, truthfulness, I try to stand by all these for 2 years, or have I?

I thought I’ve found back what I’ve lost, but as it is proven, nothing stays the same. It is definitely not the same.

I am thankful once again, for life has been kind to me, helping me with bits of wisdom every now and then. It walks with me towards the path of light, it gives me the power of love, one that is strong enough to overcome all unhappiness, helplessness and of course disappointments.

I am thankful for the things that have come back into my life, though they may not be the same anymore. I know I sounded contradicted. I bear no grudge nor hatred anymore, for I have learned that all I need to do is just to love…unconditionally.

This blog has walked with me through many days and nights, it has spoken my heart, but also kept my darkest secrets in tact.

There was once, I vowed, that I shall learn from life and share my thoughts here, so that others can learn, but it didn’t happen that way, for I am poor in writing, and silly and stupid in my own ways.

I care, hence I care.

I’m not sure how many people can comprehend this, and whether the person I want to convey this message to will truly understand.

But I know, when the time comes, we will once again weep, with joy or with pain.

And so I pray, giving my blessings to the person wholeheartedly: May you be blessed with happiness; May smiles shine upon your face; May your world be full of laughter; May warmth fill your heart and may your life be surrounded by love…


Francis Lim


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