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Doing it for a good cause

It was pouring when I woke up this morning, and the distant rumbles with occasional outbreak of the roaring thunder shook the morning up.

Then I did my usual Sutra chanting.

It was still dark when the minute hand crossed 12 and the time was 7am. With an umbrella in hand, I walked along the street feeling peaceful. The morning air was cold for me as I was only in singlet and shorts.

However, I knew it was going to be a wonderful day for me today as I will become an ambassador for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. I would be shaving my hair and make a “bald” statement to create awareness and raise funds for the foundation.

I’ve known this Hair for Hope program for many years, and every year, I would struggle between to be in or to be out. Many a times, I was held back by the thought of how will I look like if I’m bald (not that I’m handsome but more of “will it become worse?”). My look is already fierce enough and with a bald head, will it make me even more feared by others?

How will the others look upon me? And how will my family think? And what if I couldn’t manage to raise any fund at all? Won’t I be a laughing stock? I was truly concerned with how others think of me when it comes to this, for I’ve always been seen as an anti social animal and one who is very cold.

I took up the courage to participate in charity and volunteer works in 2017, when I started picking up Buddhism and books on self improvement. I learned that compassion is the greatest love in this world, and that we shouldn’t be living the way others want us to.

I began to let go of some of my hesitations and ego. I allowed myself to just do it for the cause, not for anybody, not even for myself.

When this year’s Hair for Hope announcement came through the office mailbox, I pondered again, the same thoughts came to my mind. And when I finally clicked on the submit registration button, I felt a sense of relieve. I knew I’ve made another choice of my own, disregarding what will be the outcome. I decided that my ego shall not manipulate me further in this area.

When I was sitting in Emerald room waiting for the actual event to start, I waited with excitement.

After the shave, I got my colleague to take a picture of me with the new look. I put my palms together just like a Buddhist will do.

The last pair was a lady manager from our company with her husband and I respected her for the courage to go bald for a good cause.

A great salute to her!

Before the whole event was over, I started to broadcast my intended message to some of the closer friend and of course not forgetting my department chat group. I rallied for support, sending my new look with the following message:

Hi xxx, I have today become an ambassador for Hair for Hope in raising awareness and funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation and help the families in need.

May I invite you to join me in this good cause by donating a small token for the Foundation. No matter how big or small the amount you contribute, it is still a good cause. A dollar is a dollar, but when accumulated, it can be an amount that helps a child and his / her family in need.

Do click on the link below if you wish to contribute and I sincerely thank you for your kind gesture and may you be blessed with happiness in the years ahead of you.

I received different emoticons such as thumbs up, hands clapping and words of excitement like “wow”, “wah”, “well done” etc etc. Not that I love all these, but human ego is always as such, I felt good about it.

Some of them have even replied to say that they have done as per my request and I began to see my amount pledged went up slowly.

It doesn’t really matter how much I managed to collect, what’s important is that I have truly made a bold step forward and made a difference today. As of writing now, my pledge stands at $910, which I will not be able to do if I am to just contribute on my own instead of being an ambassador!

I felt thankful once again.

And I thank everything that exist in this world, that has made this world so beautiful!


Francis Lim


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