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生活,是一面镜子 / Life is a mirror

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Life’s journey is uneven, and our feelings and emotions follow suit.

But what we have neglected is the fact that a situation, be it good or bad, is a test for us. We are slave to life because we have not learned to be prepared and hence we stumble when this situation is not to our expectations.

If we can be mindful and aware, learning how to row the boat against the river flow, learning how to let go, life will be kind to us.

Buddha said: “When we are happy, we have to know that it will not last; Similarly, when we feel down or painful, we have to realise that it will not last too.”

What Buddha wished to tell us is that this sentient world is impermanent.

Often, the situation changes according to our feelings, autumn can be a season of reaping but can also be a season of desolation.

There is a Chinese saying that goes: our look depends on how we feel. If we fill ourselves with compassion, no matter how ugly we are, we look amiable.

As I look at my balded head daily, I love to touch and rub it gently as I begin to love how I look, feeling handsome.

As a matter of fact, I have not become handsome, but I have a great smile flashing on my face as I think of the good deed that I’ve done.

Life is a mirror. It depends on how we look at it and what we get in return is how we feel about life.

If we smile at life, it will return with a smile too, no less no more.

The same applies to human relationship and love, doesn’t it? A heart will continue to feel warm when we put it in our hands and keep it warm, but if we leave it aside, it will soon turn cold.

And if we wish to be liked by the people around us, instead of waiting for others to like us, why don’t we just let down our ego and treat others with sincerity?

With sincerity, compassion, care and concern, we build a relationship that will not deteriorate, if not improved.


Francis Lim


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