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Facing my fears

As I looked within

And internally I find

The faces of fears

Growling at me

Just like a bunch of dogs

Or wolves

Teeth showing and salivating

I attempted to stand up strong

With my legs feeling weak

I tried to turn and run

But was held back by an inner voice

It was telling me

Fight on or be beaten

For there’s no third choice

I struggled to look for strengths

I struggled to look for what’s right

And I struggled to turn excuses into reasons

Till one day I realised

There is no excuse for me

There are only reasons

Fears began to take a step back

Faith became stronger

Yet deep within the heart

The inner child cried for security

I put my hand on my heart

Giving love to myself

And comfort myself with facts of life

That all I am looking for is just


Fears have nowhere to hide

Just like darkness

Cannot find a hiding place

Where light is found

But I know that they are somewhere

In the shadows

In the dark corners

Waiting for the chance

To pounce on me again

I am comforted

But how Long can it last

I do not know

I asked myself

What is it that I want

Fight for it and accept what comes may

For I’m the only one responsible

For my own happiness

Just like nobody else’s happiness

Will lie in my hands…


Francis Lim


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  1. 面對,永遠是最真實的決定。
    你的這一步非常重要~ 讀著你的心情,我也在幽谷裡學習著。
    清明,不掙扎,就過了~ ^^


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