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Stone of gratitude

I have read 2 years back about gratitude and that it is the most basic principle that all shall abide to if we ever want to live a better life, to be happier and to manifest our dreams.

Although I can agree no more to it and attempted to practise it, somehow it has been de-prioritized by many things that I have learnt.

No doubt, I am speaking words of gratitude every now and then when my alarm sounds off every morning at 8 am to remind me to count my blessings. But throughout the day, my sense of gratitude was nowhere to be found.

As everything resets to zero, and I began to read the books that triggered my journey to seek for peace again, I recalled this teaching about gratitude that I read before:

Find a stone (or it can be anything else) that you can resonate with. Carry it with you everywhere you go and whenever you touch it, pause for a moment and feel grateful for the things that you have.

I thought this was a good idea at that point in time but instead of finding a stone, I set a reminder for every morning to count my blessings.

The alarm doesn’t seem to be working, because it is set for only once in the morning. And every 2 hours, my alarm will be sounding off to remind me to be mindful. The alarms have posed some problems for me too as my phone started to sound off during meetings, conferences and even presentations.

So I tried to turn off before any presentation or customer meeting. Then I will forget to turn it back on.

Last week, I had a meditation walk alone after having lunch with my colleague. And as I walked, this stone of gratitude theory came to my mind. So I started to look for a stone beside the pavement that will resonate with me. I was looking for a nice, smooth stone, something that may look like a marble stone, but I couldn’t find.

So finally I settled for a normal irregular shaped stone that I can keep in the pocket. And every time I reached into my pocket, and as I touched the stone, I would say silently in my heart:”I am thankful for….(whatever that came into my mind)”

Although I have found my stone, I was still thinking about the stone that I was looking for in my head and thought that one day I will go to the beach to find it.

My mom had a nightmare last night, and she was murmuring to herself in the living room during the wee hours. I was informed by Elaine and so went out to check out on her. Mom said she had a nightmare and she saw something in the room. She was scared and so she came out to the living room.

After confirming that it was just a nightmare, I comforted her a bit and we went back to sleep. But I decided to bring mom to the temple to offer prayers today.

So I arranged for my Brother to send us to the temple. And as we were waiting for my Brother to arrive, I was looking around casually at the trees and plants and then something caught my eye.

Ay… isn’t that the kind of stone I was looking for? It was lying on the grass patch with its dark grey body under the sun. I moved forward to take a closer look, it was covered with a little bit of dried mud. But I could feel the texture to be smooth, except that at the corner, there is this little rough edge that protrudes out. It seems to be cement to me.

At that moment, I felt happy that I have found the stone that I wanted although it’s not as perfect as I wished. But after looking at it for a moment, I asked myself: isn’t that what life is, imperfection?

I took out a pice of tissue paper and cleaned the stone and wrapped it with the tissue paper. It will be my stone of gratitude.

Then I took out the other stone and said “thank you” to it and put it down on the grass patch. I was thankful that he has accompanied me for a few days and reminded me of gratitude.

Suddenly, the law of attraction came into my mind. Is this just mere coincidence or is this something I have manifested subconsciously? I don’t have an answer. But also, I couldn’t find any other lookalike stones in the surrounding. There was just one and only one there!

The first thing I did when I reached home was to wash and clean the new stone of gratitude. I told myself that this is it, I will carry it with me wherever I go and remind myself of feeling thankful for all that I have.

I know I can fake gratitude easily, it’s as simple as saying “thank you” without true feeling of gratitude. But I also believe that as long as I don’t stop doing it, one day, I will truly feel grateful for all that have happened to me and all that have been given to me.

Tonight, I am feeling thankful and I thank everything that exist in this world, that has made it so beautiful!


Francis Lim


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  1. Dearest buddy Francis
    Hope all is well to you and family, say hi to Auntie and Elaine. I have a pepper container which looks the same as your stone of gratitude. See if I could search that picture for you…


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