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Being present

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I woke up rather late today and told myself to be present for the day.

And therefore, I decided to spend some time with myself and not to be distracted by the external world.

I went for breakfast as usual, bringing my iPhone along just to listen to some audio lessons on Diamond Sutra.

Although I saw some message alerts on my screen which I did not know the content, I decided to read them only much later. I knew there must be one message that would make me smile.

After breakfast, I came back home and left the phone in the room while I spent my time reading, focusing on being present.

I skipped lunch since I had a heavy late breakfast and so took the time to have one of my best meditation in the recent months.

As I crossed my legs and sat on the mediation cushion, I started by looking out of the windows, enjoying the sight of the gloomy sky. Then I shifted my sight from outside the windows to the messy room itself, being aware of all the things that fell into my view.

Slowly, I closed my eyes and from without, I looked within. I focused on my scalp, my forehead, my cheeks, my neck, my shoulder and all the way down to my feet.

I felt how my muscles relaxed and put full attention on them, sensing them, raising my awareness of my own body before I turned my attention to my breath.

Thoughts passed by, and I ignored them. The zen guitar was strumming and the chime that sounded off every 5 minutes rang in my ears.

I have set the timer to 45 minutes and that means there was supposed to be 8 chimes in between. But before I knew it, the final chime, which is a “gong” sound, went off, signalling the end of the meditation.

I was surprised. Have I really heard the last few chimes? Or have I fallen asleep?

45 minutes wasn’t short, but yet I didn’t feel any numbness in my legs and ache in my spine as I have always felt. So I decided to sit for a little while more, and that “little while” was another 23 minutes.

It was really a great meditation.

It was time for housework but I procrastinated. I wanted to really do nothing today except being with myself. So I picked up a book and started reading again.

Then I remembered that I have yet to water my plants and so with the watering can, I went to the corridor and was surprised to see a few bamboo orchids blossoming at the same time, except one which has withered.

So I went back into the house and grabbed my camera to capture that moment of beauty, before and after watering them.

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As I looked at the flowers, I was fully aware and present. There were only flowers in my mind, nothing else.

After editing the photos, I recalled the YouTube video that Lady Oscar has sent to me. It was a video with the background music composed by her.

I have recently sent an email to her requested her to give two of her music pieces as a gift to me, so that I can use them in my upcoming videos that I will make, without the fear of intellectual property intrusion.

Lady Oscar was really kind and agreed and shared with me the YouTube video. Coincidentally, the video is about the painting of bamboo orchid!

So I decided to “steal” this music piece before she send me the official piece for this post since I’m going to display my beautiful bamboo orchids.

I had a second mediation after that, which lasted for another 69 minutes. It was really peaceful as I went through the same experience again, being present and aware of my body senses.

Then I started to do my housework in the late afternoon, still being present.

Being present is truly great. And how many of us can ever be fully present or aware? Our “daily routines” are so packed that often we do not know what we are doing, just like a corpse going through motion. How often do we really get the glimpse of being present?

Eckhart Tolle in his book and video said: whatever that happens in our life always happens in the NOW. When it happened yesterday, it was the NOW. And if it happens tomorrow, it will be the NOW. Past and future never truly exist, for whatever we experience it, it will be the past NOW, now NOW or the future NOW, it is still the NOW.

And now, after posting this article, I’ll have my last meditation of the day, and I hope I can be as present as I was in the day.


Francis Lim


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  1. 原來可以直接從 youtube 上直接下載! 可以請你寄一份這個錄音給我嗎? 我沒有這個版本的錄音!!! 他們錄好之後,都沒有給我~

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