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当下 / The present


What is the present?


The present is not the second that has just past, for the moment we speak or think of the last second, it’s already a past.


Similarly, present is not the next second that comes, for it hasn’t arrived.


Present is just present. Nobody can ever grab hold of the present because it’s just a matter of a blink of an eye and it will be gone, even though following next will be the numerous presents.


Once the present is gone, it’s gone and never to be recovered. Just like a knife cutting through our palm, blood flows out and we can never ever get the palm to go back to its original state, or get the blood flows back into our body.


So then what is being present? If being present is just a matter of a second, does that mean as long as we are aware in that split second, we are being present?




So then, to live in the present, it means to be very aware in every second and focus on every second.


And if we can live life being present in every moment, then time is no longer important to us, for there will be no past and no future.


The thought of the past we shall not have, for it is already gone, the thought of the present is too quick for us to behold and before we know it, it’s past and whatever that hasn’t come is just but an illusion.


If and only if we can be present in every single second, then can we say that we live life fully in the present, else it’s just being present for that very moment……



Francis Lim


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