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Thoughts from the passing rain / 那一阵雨挑起的思绪

Afternoon, as I lay on the bed, I heard splattering noise outside the windows.

I got up and looked out.

And witnessed the huge rain drops falling from the sky.

The rain drops were so big that I could see them individually;

The rhythm of the rain was unrhythmic.

But the sun has not given up shining on the land.

Half of the sky was covered with a blanket of dark gloomy clouds, and half of it was filled with sporadic clouds in different shapes.

I searched through the sky, hoping to find the rainbows which was nowhere to be seen.

It was just a passing rain, that didn’t manage to wet the whole land.

Then I had the sudden urge to get out of this house with four walls. And so I slipped into my shirt, grabbed my sling bag and rushed out of the house.

I came to the coffee shop, ordered a coffee and began to write this note down.

Prior to lying on the bed, I edited a photo and put a quote to it: “When we waste time getting upset over people who don’t care about us or appreciate us at all, we neglected those who love us for who we are—LTTF”.

And as I recalled the mood I was in when editing the photo, I was feeling slightly moody, thinking that too many people are wasting their time on people and things that aren’t important to them.

Two days ago, my best friend told me that she was upset over some remarks from one of her friends and needed two days to calm down. I guessed he must be her close friend who could affect her so much. Or is he?

Many a times, we feel sad, upset, angry and annoyed over some people, not knowing that those who truly care and love us are waiting for us to care and love them back, and yet we put our focus on those people who upset us.

Do we really know how to prioritise our feelings and life, I wonder. And I’m one of the culprits.

Perhaps, I should also think about who are the ones who truly care about me. Or perhaps I should really let go of everything and pursue liberation.

I am lost again.


Francis Lim












之前,在手机上编辑照片,写下了“When we waste time getting upset over people who don’t care about us or appreciate us at all, we neglected those who love us for who we are—LTTF”。










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