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Letting go…

I have recently joined a few groups in Facebook and they are all very much related to Buddhism, awakening and meditation.

It is sometimes interesting to see how the other “Facebookers” exchange their views on all the profound teachings and quotes and even nothingness.

And in one of the groups — The Alan Watts and Buddhism study group, there’s always some quotes from a book titled: Letting go, The Pathway to Surrender.

I couldn’t help it but to download a sample of this book from Kindle, but I never really start reading it.

But as chains of events happens day in day out, and as I find myself still very much attached to many things in life, despite reading so many books and trying to practise them, I decided to purchase and download the whole book from Kindle tonight.

Will this be a another book that talks about inner child, ego, unconsciousness, just like the other books? I am still skeptical about it.

When I was young, I used to believe that for every book that I read, if I can get 5% of learnings out of that book, it will be a lifetime benefit to me.

So, I can’t wait to start indulging myself in the words of wisdoms of Dr David Hawkins.

I have briefly read about surrender in other books, there is a lot of messages about letting go in other books though, and some are even so profound as to say that whatever that have happened in our life are our own planning before we were born!

What really delights me at times is that these books’ teachings are sometimes very much related to Buddhism’s mindfulness and non attachment.

And a few things I see very much in common in all these teachings is that they are all talking about inner child, or ego, or the unconscious or the subconscious, and the moment we are able to realise the truth (now, what is the truth?), we will be liberated.

But it’s so easy to say let go when it’s so difficult to really let go!

Being attached is so IN us, it’s like our second nature that without it, we seem to lose our identify. Or perhaps, we are so fearful of letting go that it will make us feel purposeless being in this life? We seem to cling on to people, materials stuffs, names, fame, responsibilities so much so that we forget about our own true self, even when others are not appreciative of us!

I do not know.

Every day, I try to let go of my mind when I meditate, and I know meditation is not the express path to liberation. It takes many years for one to really feel the inner peace and see through one’s own self before we can be liberated.

And so, I will pursue on.


Francis Lim


The 3 groups that I have just joined as as follows:

1. Buddhism and meditation for beginners.

2. The Alan Watts and Buddhism study group

3. Awakening Together


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