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Breaking the codes of life

  Have you ever thought of what life is?
  We always think that when we were born, our life was like a white sheet of paper, not knowing that it could have already been planned out for.
  By who? The god? The universe? Or even ourselves before we were born?
  As our life unfold, we begin to see the blank sheet filling up quickly with people, materials, lust, greed, attachments and many other things.
  Now, This world is but just a huge playground, rules have been set and boundaries drawn but we decide how we want to play the game and walk the journey. We can take the elevator, we can choose to run down the stairs, we can decide to stay put in a location and ponder, but we cannot stop, unless we decide to quit!
  Life is a journey through a series of games!
  The challenges, the obstacles, the disappointments and the difficulties are all secret codes that are meant to be decoded where we find ourselves learning and growing.
  So face them with curiosity, courage, faith and determination.
  And When things get rough, we argue, we quarrel and we even spike  each other and make ourselves miserable! For what? It’s just a game and everything shall pass!
  Break the codes, find the lessons in it and then grow with them and be a better person to live this life!
  For every code that we break, it’s a gift from the universe, for every code that we crack, there may be a surprise awaiting us!
  There are times we feel lost, we do not know what to do. We may whine and cry and claim that this is not what we ask for, but that is the rule of the game, and either you give up totally or you just have to play along with it!
  Make good use of what we have, materials, data, internet, people and many other things which can help us find the decoders.
  We tend to walk too fast sometimes, learn to slow down and enjoy the sceneries along the way. For all we know, we may just find the answer to the code standing just next to us!
  At some point in time, the game seemed so difficult to play and we feel like giving up. Don’t give up! Trust that we are not alone in this world! There will always be people around us who will discuss with us, guide us and make us see things from a different perspective, and then  suddenly we just feel uh huh! Why didn’t I see it that way?
  And the more challenging the situation is, the more satisfaction we get when we overcome it!
  Life is a long journey through a series of games, a destination will just mark the beginning of a new journey through a new game, a new destination.
  And the moment we see life as a game, we will realise that the destination is not the ultimate goal, what’s important is the journey. Winning or losing doesn’t really matter, what really matters is living our lives and enjoying the games fully!
  Francis Lim
  Note: In 2017, I led a few colleagues to plan for a game for our I Love IT week and we came out with this Code Breakers, something like a scavenger hunt. It was quite a tough assignment but we did it. After the event, I compiled the video and wrote an article in Chinese. Now I’m recompiling it with English version.

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