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Stop being a slave / 不做他人的奴隶

Chinese version below

  “If somebody can decide what should happen within you, this is ultimate slavery”—Sadhguru

It was a cool and breezy Friday morning.

I was walking along the street as usual towards the office, enjoying the refreshing air and maintaining presence of the mind.

Then, I saw sparkles from within the bushes and hence I stopped and took a closer look.

And I saw remnants of morning dews on leaves that were even smaller than the tip of my little finger.

But no matter how small the dews were, they were beaming with life, reflecting lights from the external and thus attracted my attention!

Many passers by passed by but none of them stopped to take a look at the beautiful and peaceful dews, who were exhibiting the calmness of life.

As I looked at them, I pondered for a bit and also spent some time capturing that tranquil moment, ignoring the puzzled looks of the other people.

And soon, I found my inner being feeling peaceful and serene, just like the few drops of dews on the leaves.

The dews were not bothered by the ignorance of passers by, they weren’t bothered by my love for them or even my intrusion too.

And most importantly was that they would just sit on the leaves quietly and peacefully, no matter if I gave them praises or mocked at their stupidity to hide in the bushes.

If they have their own destinies, then theirs were truly short, for they would be gone by the time the surroundings started to warm up.

But isn’t human life as short as this is then? As Buddha has said, life is just a matter of an in and out breath. And ridiculously, mankind has always allowed ourselves and our own emotions to be affected the words and views of the external world. And so we feel angry, or discouraged, or happy or sad, and leave our emotions to the hands of the other people, just like a slave.

I began to remind myself once again, that I shall not let how others think or say to affect my inner being, and keep as still as the dews did, be it praises or blames or even mockery, I will accept them as they are.

And by doing so, I hope to be like the dew, exhibiting life with peace and serenity, even if it means it’s just going to be self appreciation, because it is definitely better than living in the expectations of the others.


Francis Lim



















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