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Letting go, acceptance and surrender…

I’ve been reading and writing about letting go and acceptance, and I strongly believe that it is the path to true happiness and freedom.

It is however such a difficult task to really to let go and accept what comes may, for we have been conditioned since we were born to be attached to this world.

Nothing was taught in school about letting go and acceptance. In the contrary, we were all taught on competition, comparing grades, fight for what we desire and pursuing a piece of certificate for a promising future.

And as we grow up, we go through ups and downs and if we are fortunate enough, we will have the chance of coming in contact with these two important wisdoms: letting go and acceptance.

Then comes surrender!

Many a times, we learn through the hard way. And things happen for a reason, and the most cruel part is learning how to “let go” and “accept” through experiences. Unfortunately, these experiences are usually extremely unpleasant and hurting, because we realised that we are not as important as we think we are.

That’s when we are being forced to let go and accept reality. Such letting go and acceptance is sometimes painful as it is often something we hold so dearly in our hearts.

Let go of what cause us pain, and accept that it is the reality of life, then as we finally surrender to the truth, we achieve liberation from the sufferings.


Francis Lim


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