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A cold world – without and within

27 Dec 2018.

It has been 7 days since I’ve been in Finland and Norway.

It has been a tough journey for me and what I saw of the external world was a cold world, one that I couldn’t get used to.

The hassle of putting on layers and layers of clothings kind of put me off, plus the heavy weight clothings that actually added on to the root cause of tiresome.

The scenes were beautiful, all white and seemed so pure, but within the beauty and purity lies the ugliness of coldness.

As we passed by scenes and scenes of beautiful snow covered landscapes, I wondered how I could survive in such a cold environment.

My fingers were bitten, my knuckles were cut and my four limbs are so dry that my rashes are all over.

Feeling my skin can actually cause one to have goosebumps all over their body.

It is cold without.

Ironically, the most unfortunate thing is that the outer cod world seems to be a reflection of the inner world within myself, as I felt myself out of this world.

I struggled to ignite the fire within, and fought up to keep the warmth. But time and again, glasses of ice poured onto me and my whole body, killing off the fire that I hold within so strongly.

Gradually, I feel weak, as if I’m walking and fighting the path alone. My legs become heavy and left deep footprints in the inner world – they are marks of where I’ve been through and what I’ve done.

I began to feel weaker each day, and the flame is dying off.

I am lost.

And how can I hold on to the battle to pursue my dream?

Francis Lim


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  1. 還好嗎? 北國總是冰天雪地,日照淺短。 除了身體太冷之外,心裡的感覺還好嗎?
    心靈的尋找事漸層累積… 有時候要經歷很久很久,也可能時機到了就在一秒鐘找到。 安忍,對萬事萬物都有安忍的心,就會在軌道裡。
    希望你趕快回到亞熱帶~ ^^

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