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Sending my blessings / 送上我的祝福

In a faraway land, I have a friend whom I Iove very much. And she’s all alone in a place where strangers fill her life.

As I stood in front of my 3 plants gazing at the dark sky and the lighted city, I felt the wind kissing my skin.

The staircase’s ceiling light dimmed for about a minute and then brightened again. It has always been like this for months and years and I’m getting used to it.

As the plants danced in the wind, and the light dimmed again, I closed my eyes and began to pray: my dear universe, may you bless her with the happiness she wishes for. May her children grow up strong and healthy, and be filial to her, for I know that she loves them very much. May I be able to bring smiles upon her face, warmth to her heart, laughter to her world and love to her life…

I opened my eyes and looked up at the dark sky again. Then I smiled. I knew I have already sent my blessings and love to her through the vast universe.

I believe that there is an unseen force in the universe, which can sense my feelings and send my blessings to her.

I hope, I really hope, that when my blessings knock on her windows, she will feel that her house is filled with warmth and love, and a smile will climb onto her face.

She will know that there is a person from another faraway land is sending his blessings to her.

She will feel loved.


Francis Lim




盆栽上的枝叶在风中轻轻摇曳,当灯光忽而又转暗的时候,我闭上双眼,默默祷告:我亲爱的宇宙啊,请您保佑她找到她想要的幸福。 但愿她的孩子们能够健康成长,孝顺于她,因为我知道她很爱很爱他们。但愿我能够把微笑带到她的脸上,把温情带到她的心灵,把欢乐带到她的世界,把爱带到她的生命……









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