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I believe Part 1 – an unknown journey

What can a 22 years old young girl, a 32 years old woman and a 49 years old man have in common? Our age gaps are like so huge that it is unimaginable that we can come together but we did.

It was 10 January 2019 and I was dining with these two lovelies who made the dinner so wonderful and beautiful. It was so called a farewell dinner I have arranged for them, as they will soon leave my company to pursue their future endeavours. We then decided to capture a group photo as memory. And every time I look at the picture, I felt a sense of warmth feeling my heart in the midst of my struggles in life.

Life is truly strange for it is happening the way we least expect it to be. What brings us together? Is it fate, is it our vibrational frequencies or is it pure coincidence that we have come together as a group and created the group chat of “the funny gang” (direct translation from Chinese).

On Friday night, 11 January 2019, the day that I would be seeing Chloe for the last day, she responded to my parting message with this: I believe i have met you for a reason.. And i realli believe tat we will meet again. Even if we have parted physically, i will rmb you in my heart, as a real fren whom have encouraged me when i was down. Lets make an effort to meet up.!

I was touched by her kind words, and I knew I have touched her heart in a way or two during her stay in the company. Isn’t this what I am always good at? How many hearts have I touched in 48 years of my life?

Looking at the word “I believe”, I fell into deep thoughts, really deep thoughts. How many of the “I believe” actually come true for many people in this world? Or is it just something that we often lie to ourselves?

I’ve seen this motivational video that said we are what we are because of our beliefs but the beliefs are not just the surface beliefs that we think we know, it includes the shadow beliefs which sit right in our heart. And therefore we are often not where we want to be.

This seem to be referring to our sub conscious or ego as some may call it.

Soon, I’ll be embarking on another unknown journey, to a familiar place to meet someone I’ve known and not met before. I do not have any plan for this trip, no destination, no objective except meeting her. How will the meet up turn out to be? Will it be as interesting, happy, exciting, peaceful as I believe? It’s Lady Oscar that I am going to meet!

After knowing her through WordPress, I told myself that one day we will meet, and I believed it strongly. And this day is now coming, without too much of wanting but just letting the thoughts fly!

And so, my belief has made what I desire turned into reality, my belief has once again shown me that there is certain truth to the Law of Attraction.

I can’t remember since when I have started to believe my beliefs will make things happen. Ironically, things don’t really all turn out the way I want them to, but I keep believing in it.


Francis Lim


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