Dear me,

I have read up so many books (or so I thought), watched many spiritual videos and even touched a little bit on Buddhism wisdom, and it is clear that there is always a little child within myself, who is subconsciously controlling my beliefs, my behaviors, my thoughts and my life, and that little child is none other than you.

But I really do not understand you, and what exactly are you looking for in life.

I have searched within in vain, trying to look at your fears, your worries and what has happened when you (or I) were young that resulted in the you today.

For years, you and your true self have been out of sync in your thoughts, in fact, contradicting each other, so much so that you are struggling at times.

I know for sure that you are feeling lost in certain ways and you are searching for something to cling on.

But do you know that there is nothing out there that will ever make you feel secure, except yourself?

You have your dreams since when you were young but along the way, you have allowed yourself to flow with the common river of life, one that is so common among all beings, study, work, getting married, having a child, and then live life with no purpose.

There were many opportunities that have called upon you, but you have not allowed these opportunities to open new doors for you.

Instead, the fears of the unknown, the fears of getting out of the comfort zone, and the fears of failures have held you back for the longest time.

Many a times, you wanted to do something, but deep within, there were fears and your reluctance, and you hesitated and before you knew it, the opportunity was gone.

Perhaps, you have always felt that you are alone, that you are not being loved, or you have given yourself too high an expectation that you feel that you are not capable of achieving anything.

But have you ever thought of how limiting these beliefs can be?

Today, I promise you that I will communicate more with you. I will do my best to understand your innermost thoughts, your innermost desires and we will work together as one to move towards what you (or I) want. We need to be in sync in our desires, our dreams and our actions.

We need to live life fully and presently.

You have been living life with skepticism, a belief that has limited your potentials, and then mine.

So please, let go of all your old beliefs and create new ones. You and I are one unique person in this universe and we and the universe are connected as one!

Buddha has said: everything is created within our hearts, and it is apparent that it is our choice to believe it or not.

Can you recall all the happy moments that you have been through? Life was beautiful, isn’t it? It isn’t as bad as you think it is.

You have to know that I love you, and nobody loves you more than I do. Perhaps, I wasn’t clear of what you have been looking for, and hence I have neglected you.

I know you are a person with full of compassion, one who wishes every sentient beings to be happy in this world, one who wishes to give back to the society.

If that’s the case, instead of chasing after all that you want, why don’t you think of how you can give to others? Your love, your compassion and your talent, can all be used in a way that brings light to this world.

Don’t belittle yourself, for you have all that you need to be happy. There are so many more people in this world who needs your love and attention.

But you can only give love to them if you believe in yourself, and that is, believe that you are worthy of love, and you are being loved.

And the moment you feel love, you can love the others unconditionally, because you no longer desire for the love in return, as you, yourself is love.

Love and compassion are the greatest strength in this world. And that’s why all the greatest men in this world were enlightened, because they possessed the greatest love and compassion within them!

So, my dear me, trust me, I love you with all that I have.




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