Dear me,

Can you remember I have recently made a video titled “If the next moment doesn’t come?”

I’m proud of you as I noticed that you have been keeping this statement close to your heart for the whole day today.

And as this statement flashed through your mind, you quickly scanned through your body and observed your own state of mind.

Then I saw yourself trying your best to think of how you can add value to the other people.

Although you have not done anything great today, the visit to the temple and contribution of the joss sticks was good enough. Through your contribution, other visitors would use your joss sticks and offered to the Bodhisattva and asked for their wishes to be heard.

You have offered your prayers in the temple, for yourself and your loved ones. I know you have them in your heart, wishing them well, and so, please believe that there is an unseen force in this universe, that your prayers were heard and all shall be well.

Today, I chanced upon a free eBook titled “How to transform your life” by a monk in Australia Melbourne. And within the book, he said: Death is relentless and will not be compromised. It is like the collapse of an immense mountain in all four directions; there is no way to hold back its devastation. This is also true of ageing and sickness. Ageing progresses surreptitiously and undermines our youth, our strength and our beauty. Although we are hardly aware of the process, it is already underway and cannot be reversed. Sickness destroys the comfort, power and strength of our body.

The monk also said that if we find it difficult to meditate on death, we can listen to a clock ticking and be aware that every tick marks the end of a moment of our life and draws us closer to death. We can imagine that the Lord of Death lives some distance from us. Then, as we listen to the clock ticking, we can imagine ourselves taking steps in death’s direction moment by moment.

It is apparent that you are walking towards death, and each second gone equates to one second less you have left in this world. So make the most out of it.

I think we are both beginning to come in sync as I can feel that you are working through your plans silently. But my dear me, that is not enough. You need to put your plans into actions, bit by bit. At least, if the next moment doesn’t come, then you have taken the first step.

There is really no time to waste, either you sit on it and wait for things to happen, which most likely they will not, or you take the first leap. In fact, you have already taken the first leap, but you found yourself hanging somewhere in the middle, not knowing how to proceed further.

That’s because you have your fears within you. You need to overcome all the fears in you and soon, you will realise that many of these worries are unnecessary.

I wish you well and may we be in sync in the days to come. Beautiful and promising days are waiting ahead of us.




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  1. 我也每天觀察 “死亡” 的冥想。
    “回家” 不需要提醒和強迫,真心想回家,自己會用盡一切努力回到家,不管使用哪種交通工具~


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