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Dear me,

Imagine if you truly love someone, what will you do for her?

If you truly love someone, you will wish for her health and happiness.

You will want her to sleep well, eat well, be happy and joyful.

You will want her to feel blessed and loved.

You will send your blessings to her and say your prayer for her every morning when you wake up and every night before you sleep.

When she is sick, you will want to take care of her, wish her well, and even wish that you can share the pain with her.

When she feels down, you will want to lend a listening ear and be there for her. If she wants you to talk, you will comfort her with full of love, but if she doesn’t want you to talk, you will put your full attention on her and make sure she feels your presence.

When she is facing life challenges, you will want to reach out for her hand and walk with her lest she falls.

When she is frustrated, angry or upset, you will want to listen to what triggers her emotions and try your best to either listen to her or help her to see things from different perspectives.

When she feels lost in her life, you will want to be her guiding star and lead her to the path of light.

When she becomes unreasonable, you will be patient and loving towards her, for you know that she may not be saying or doing things in accordance to her wish.

There will be many many things that you will want to do to her, with her or for her, because you love her.

And now I tell you my dear me, that whatever listed above will be what I will do to you, with you and for you, for I love you truly.

And as we sit quietly observing our breaths, it is the time that I give the most unconditional love to you.




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