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About me……

I am always a late comer, though I’m most of the time early.

Sounds contradicting, isn’t it?

I hold the belief that one should be disciplined enough to be early in our daily routines – going to work, attending meetings and trainings, or even meeting up with friends. This is, to me, a display of respect for what we are doing and the people around us.

But I’m always late in joining the trends. When Facebook sprung up years ago, I didn’t even know its existence, despite the fact that my job is related to technology. When people started blogging, I’m still very much living in my own world, wondering what good can blogging brings to me.

And for years, I would spend countless days and nights doing nothing except work, until one day, I started to write my own diary in Chinese, my favourite language. Then I found something really close to my heart.

Since then, I’ve been penning my thoughts for almost coming to 5 years.

It has never occurred to me that photography would also become something that I like along the way and even hope to pursue further. After all, I am not a creative person who can really capture stunning shots.

But I find peace in my writings and when taking pictures. I stayed late at nights sometimes, just to let my feelings dance with the cooling breeze. My thoughts will wander all around the place, through the past, to the future, and words just flow through my heart.

With my new hobby, I find myself roaming around a place, practicing the art of photography, just like I let my thoughts roam, and start to pen my feelings down, hence I have given this blog the name of “Let the thoughts fly”.

Yes, I love this phrase, let my thoughts fly.

I don’t consider myself as a photographer.

It was by chance that I was hooked (or am hooked) to photography. It was during one of the lowest period of my life when I heard from my manager Kok Keong that Nikon has released a new mirrorless camera Nikon 1.

At that point in time I was still not sure what is the difference between a point and shoot compact digital camer and a DSLR, let alone a mirrorless camera.

Call it retail therapy some may, I just wanted to buy something new to play with in order to occupy my troubled mind. And so I bought.

It turned out to be just another point and shoot camera for me, although there was settings for me to play around with the aperture and shutter.

When I brought the whole family to Malaysia Desaru Lotus Resort for a short getaway in 2012, I brought the camera along and captured moments of the holiday.

It was one of the pictures that really inspired me to want to learn more about photography.

I can still recall that it was drizzling that evening when we had our dinner at the restaurant by the beach in Desaru.

As usual, the kids finished their dinner faster than anybody else and were playing around the restaurant. I took out my Nikon 1 and started shooting aimlessly away.

The lights, the ambience and the mood was just nice as the lamps shone on droplets of rain floating in the air, the breeze was cooling, and my daughter Charlene was dancing in the restaurant with her shawl.

I thought it will be great to capture some moments for us to recollect in the years to come.

And I captured this photograph that really triggered my love for photography.

Charlene in Desaru
Charlene in Desaru

It may not be well taken but it is (until today) a picture that I like very much. I love the way how the shawl flew in the air; I love the droplets whirling and whizzing under the ambient light, I love the serenity of the place, quiet and cooling.

I came back from Desaru and decided to get a DSLR and finally settled on the current Nikon D5300, and began to learn the art of photography, the shutter, the aperture, ISO, exposure, the rule of thirds, the leading lines and all the composition rules.

I watched videos on YouTube learning how to process images, how to compose my pictures and yet I have failed in many ways.

It is hard to be what one wants to be when he or she lacks what it takes to be there. And that is exactly the problem that I’m facing. I’ve always acknowledged that I am no creator, the lack of creativity become one of my road block to take captivating pictures. More often than not, I found the pictures that I took turn out to be dull and boring.

But then one day I was thinking “what the heck!”, so what if my images are not capturing the viewers’ eyes? I began to ponder, am I capturing those images to please the viewers or myself? Am I supposed to be sharing what I see or showing them what they want to see?

The answer is pretty obvious, it’s both!

And thus here I am today, starting a new blog to post my thoughts and pictures online, either as a form of sharing with those who wish to read and see, or just a place for my thoughts to really fly, hoping that one day I can blend these two hobbies into one, where every picture tells a story and my thoughts will be elaborated through the beautiful words that touch the heart of the reader….


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    1. 嗨,你好!谢谢你的支持,也很开心我的博客能够让你喜欢。我通常都是先写中文,然后再尝试写英文。但是中文实在太美丽太深奥,有时无法翻译,我也就不勉强自己。我不是用翻译软件。谢谢你的鼓励,更希望能够给你带来更多好文。

      Liked by 1 person

  1. 嗨,你好!谢谢你的支持,也很开心我的博客能够让你喜欢。我通常都是先写中文,然后再尝试写英文。但是中文实在太美丽太深奥,有时无法翻译,我也就不勉强自己。我不是用翻译软件。谢谢你的鼓励,更希望能够给你带来更多好文。

    Liked by 1 person

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