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雨(献给一个挚友)/ Rain (Dedicated to a dear friend)

回到家后,我便开始把所拍摄的一切导入笔记本,把它们制作成这一段《雨》的视频,希望能够把它献给我的挚友,就当做是我们分手的礼物。 When I reached home, I transferred all the shots into my notebook and started producing this video I called "rain". I hope to share with her this video as my last gift to her.

DHL Global Volunteer Day 23 Sep 2017

I came to realise that there is a need to return something back to the society 2 years back, as I was challenged with some difficulties in my life, and as I pondered over the many questions that lingered in my head, it just occurred to me that my blessings could have been used in many other ways to help the people in this world.